Calling All Artists!

The Painter's Playground is a mashup of utility paint program with RPG-leveling up and clicker-inspired gameplay. While there is no fail state, there are certainly measures of success such as creating a painting that commands a high price in the online community, or owning a gallery of coveted works. Whether you are just someone who wants to doodle with a mouse or already have years of experience creating masterpieces with a drawing tablet - there is fun to be had creating and collecting in the zen coastal town of Painter's Port.

Come visit Painter's Port. Stay awhile. You'll be glad you did.

  • With slow-burning clicker-inspired progress, you will be peeling away layers for dozens of hours.
  • Create works of digital 2D art using a multitude of tools, paints, and canvases. Gain recognition for your efforts through the online community through ‘thumbs up’ artwork appreciation votes and/or selling your work.
  • Manage your own gallery to ensure you have the most coveted collection of curated works; buy, sell, and vote on community-created works of art.
  • Earn Renown (XP) through painting idle clicker-style, and Bits (money) from gallery sales. Spend these currencies on permanent upgrades, a variety of canvases, new painting tools, paint colors, custom in-game menus, votes on your favorite paintings in The Community Harbor, and much more.
  • Invest Renown into progressing through 15 levels as a career artist. The unlock system caters to creative gamers that enjoy a slow-burning ‘lifestyle’ game.
  • Vie for the top spot in a multitude of categories on the leaderboards.
  • Enjoy the beautiful IRL hand-crafted oil painted world by renowned artist Russell Murray.
  • Unlock Oyster Mode to paint with absolutely no limitations.
  • Supports Wacom drawing tablets out of the box.
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Tips for Reviewers


Writing a solid, digestable text-based review is actually fairly simple. Although I am fairly surprised at how many poorly built reviews I see on Steam (and other places). I'm not talking about joke reviews either - I'm talking about people that are actively trying to be a respectable reviewer.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Text walls are bad. If you feel passionate and need to write a metric ton of words, then there are a few strategies to mitigate text walls. First, make sure you break things into bite-sized paragraphs. Secondly, use some flair to separate really important sentences (such as bolding a sentence as I have done here). This trains peoples eyes to the really important stuff - and is particularly useful for people who are 'skimming' your review. I use the bolding tactic as a variant of the TL;DR.
  • If you need to write a lot of text, consider having a section at the end that summarizes everything up in neat bullet points, or something similiar. My reviews end with a 'Pros' and 'Cons' list. The 'Pros' use '+' (plus signs) for bullets and the 'Cons' use '-' (minus signs). Again I am spoon-feeding information to the reader. Don't make them work for it. It shouldn't be a chore to extract information from a review. It works well, and is well recieved by readers.
  • Be consistant with how you structure your reviews. You want your audience to know exactly what to expect, and how things will be set up. Here is my structure:
    • The first sentence summarizes my feelings on the game. It is usually bolded.
    • The first paragraph (including the above first sentence) generally explains where this particularl title 'fits' within the gaming industry. What does it compare to, etc.
    • The second paragraph explains how the game plays. The first sentence is always italicized and starts with 'Essentially, this game is about micromanaging X with Y etc'. That first sentence is how the game works, in a nutshell. The rest of the paragraph explains more details about the game mechanics.
    • Further paragraphs are optional. Usually the third one is either high praise, or me just damning the game and exposing its fatal flaws.
    • Next is the 'Pros' and 'Cons' list.
    • Finally, there should be between 1-3 sentences at the very bottom giving another TL;DR. Usually this is where I'll mention if it's worth full price, wait for a sale, or pass altogether.
  • This should be obvious, but please use spell checker. I'm guilty of making mistakes, but yeah, if you want to write professional reviews - act the part.
  • It is distasteful to dump on seriously indie games. To be crystal clear - I'm not saying to upvote if it is bad, I'm saying be tactful with how you do it. I'm not talking about 'indie' games like The Binding of Isaac or some other big money title. If some dude is selling his senior high school project labor-of-love on Steam and it sucks, you have a community duty to downvote it - just be tasteful about how much you curb stomp it.

Alright, well that's my list. Hopefully there was something someone got out of it. Thanks for reading.

Take care.

Game Mechanics that Work

Game Mechanics that Work


A discussion of game mechanics that often separate the brilliant from the ho-hum. In other words, perhaps there is an idea in here that can spice up your...

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The Painters Playground, Beta 3. Expires 01/18. On Steam Now!

The Painter's Playground Beta 2 Demo

The Painter's Playground Beta 2 Demo


This is the full version right now, but it expires before the game is released. Use this version to test how the game runs on your system, or whether...

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16hours ago

Rumi is making some really cool stuff!

Dec 12 2017

Another dose of really cool artwork from this weekend!

Dec 11 2017

Cablenexus knows my love of food, and wow did they deliver. Big big thank you!

Dec 9 2017

Wow. Just wow.

Dec 9 2017

Screenshot Friday! Wow, there was *sooo* much competition this week. Impossible to pick. Gotta give it up for Sergeā€¦

Dec 8 2017

Dec 6 2017

It's just getting insane. Period.

Dec 6 2017


Dec 5 2017

Introducing Sergeant16bit! Fantastic work!

Dec 5 2017

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