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Space; the final frontier. You are an orb that is cosmically entangled with the universe. Your very presence distorts the fabric of space-time and the very energy you emit defies the laws of physics. Every movement you make can be as subtle as a micrometer, to as vast as a light year. Explore distant worlds in a time-trial based platformer, that will give even the most coordinated gamers a difficult challege. -Explore the galaxy with dozens of levels on dozens of worlds -Distort the fabric of time as you scale vertical wall, ride on ceilings and dilate time. -Blow your way through obstacles using explosives that pack an antimatter kick. -Realistic physics makes every jump a calculated vector; say goodbye to air control. -Challenging levels that will challenge even the most adept of gamers. Space calls to you to be explored, will you call back, and explore the Final Frontier, or will you just end up Spaced.

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Spaced: Genesis
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
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