There is little room to maneuver, and sunlight barely touches the landscape. Each and every space is letted as a living area to house people, to the point where rooftops are apartments, stores, and restaurants often. In the Undercity, you're always on the roof of something, and there's always something above you. When the universe sidetracks one on laundry day, which leads to the discovery of a key Kshatriya artifact, a good day can quickly turn bad. Play as a faceless civilian thrust into a world of trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Follow the mysterious runner and figure out why he stole that shiny thing you found. This was the first planned episode in a never ending series of short episodic shooter games spanning many time periods and locales about powerful alien artifacts that influence and intoxicate those in their immediate vicinity. Pay close attention to the loading screens and cutscenes!

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Graphically stunning. The animation is flawless. It evoke the feeling of the chase in a gritty believable setting. Dystopian futures have never looked or played this nice while getting your blood pumping at the same time. I literally wanted to climb everywhere and explore this world further.

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