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Bounty Arms is an old-school 3d side-scrolling action game that utilizes modern technology from the Unreal Engine 3. Over the course of the final game you gather power-ups that hugely alter your character and weapon arsenal, travel across the galaxy to many different worlds, unlock hidden doors to secrets, join with new comrades, fight the multitude of varying enemies that each world will bring, and defeat the bosses that rule them. Currently only a single player demo but final game will be co-op 4 players in the future.

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Bounty Arms UDK standalone Demo 0.1 released! There are some additions and tweaks and this version is using the newer UE3 engine so there are some cool engine upgrades like real time AO.

Posted by open-reset on Feb 17th, 2010

With the help of Splat and the hard labour of Obi-Wan, we have now got our first UDK version out. The great thing is that it's now a standalone game and it doesn't require UT3 anymore.

This demo is basically the same as the UT3 mod version, but the UDK has a more updated version of the UE3 engine. So it has real time AO, dynamic lighting on enemies etc.

We've also added a few things, like working turrets, special ability bar, damage material indicator on the player and other small various little addons and tweaks.

I hope you enjoy the UDK demo, and please look forward to future versions. To keep up to date with future versions please visit our blog here: Bounty-arms.blogspot.com

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MitchellS Feb 17 2010 says:


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TKAzA Staff
TKAzA Feb 17 2010 says:

Fantastic art direction, mapping, modeling, lighting... just amazing and very old skool feel.

Give it a try and dont give up... worth the small download.

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Elementalist Feb 28 2010 replied:

I envy those for whom 280mb is a 'small download'.

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Killer_man_1996 Mar 11 2010 replied:


i always dream with that PCs

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Whizzard Jun 9 2010 replied:

Pfft, 5 minutes of download. *tries invoke envy in others*
1 minute if I download at university. Yup, slow connection is a past for me, finally.

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MrMattWebb Feb 17 2010 says:

Awesome overall. I suggest people give this one a look-see. :D

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ShinobiNFC Feb 18 2010 says:

Wow looks awesome!

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KUB3ISM_GAMEWORKS Feb 18 2010 says:

Looks awesome :D great work, cant wait to give the demo a go.

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Verendus Feb 18 2010 says:

It does look awesome! I love the blurred background and lighting!

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Daystranger Feb 18 2010 says:

Most original game on UDK for now? Yes.

Looks great. I'll download and play it asap.

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Maggintosh Feb 18 2010 says:

Played the whole demo and enjoyed it! Really good work, guys. Nice mapping and original style. Hope to get some more of that. Awesome!

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Kasplatt Feb 18 2010 says:

Great stuff, however there were a few things that were a bit funky, and then those flying robots that annoyed me somewhat.
The flying robots would keep going out of the viewport making it a bit hard to hit them, I just turned in their position and then spammed the bombgun, the delay in the gun forces you to just stand and take the beating from the flying bots as it's hard to quickly turn around and hit them.
Would like that to be a bit more interactive somehow, instead of just placing health after meeting them.
And some things I find a bit buggy were when jumping you could do the smash and the particle effect would begin before landing the jump and then he would bounce back into the air and if jump was pressed again during the smash jump he would jump again after it, which felt a bit weird at times.
But overall great demo, love the artwork and art direction, cute little game. Best of luck onwards.

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obihb Feb 18 2010 replied:

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

We are actually quite well aware of many of the problems in this demo as it stands and among them are what you have mentioned here. Mostly it's due to the fact it's not a completed game by any means. It's very much a work in progress and we covered as much of the game play aspects as we could fit into this demo.

We have many things planned with regards to the aiming system that will make things work a lot better. It's really just one of many aspects of the game that is in really early stages and this demo is just the tip of the iceberg. Same goes for AI behaviors and many other things as well.

About fighting the Flyer Drones, they are meant to be fought on the run. You dodge around and fire back at them. You can actually take them down without much health lost. It's very important to note that unless you did so, you need to play with a game controller. It allows much more freedom in movement. Even though the aiming system doesn't offer any extra features currently to make life easier, it's still robust enough to deal with the enemies very effectively.

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Kamikazi[Uk] Feb 18 2010 says:


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Famouz Feb 18 2010 says:

Makes a lot of fun, looks good.
But aiming sucks a bit.

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SinKing Feb 18 2010 says:

I can't play the video of this and the other new uploads. I'm in Central Europe. The error report is "ooops, there seems to be something wrong with this video".

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L0K Feb 18 2010 says:

This game is brilliant! I haven't played a platform shooter in maybe ten years, but this is a great evolution to the genre.
The aiming worked fine for me, the game automatically targets everything and all I had to do is run in a cross pattern while firing; kills em all dead.

Seriously, this game had the polish of the old school Rare games and looked better than any title I can think of.

You guys rock.

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`DarcK Feb 18 2010 says:

The only drawback: we can't modify the keys. Use the Qwerty is awful.

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obihb Feb 19 2010 replied:

Yeah, all I can say about this is sorry for the lack of configuration options. That stuff just didn't make it for this version. As I've mentioned to other people as well, using a game pad is the way to go but I understand many people won't have a game pad for PC.

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somonels Mar 15 2010 replied:

Actually you could use autohotkey to remap any and all keys. But you will need to remember to use it.

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AddiB Feb 18 2010 says:

The only wish i have is 1440*900 resolution

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obihb Feb 19 2010 replied:

For any other res you want to use you can push TAB and use the command "SetRes" to change the res. So in this case you type "SetRes 1440x900".

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Hitez Feb 18 2010 says:

the game is super blurry

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DOLBYdigital Feb 18 2010 says:

Tracking, downloading now and will post my impressions!

First impressions from the video is 'Holy S##t, must download and play now!' :)

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DOLBYdigital Feb 18 2010 says:

My impressions:
Simply amazing overall art style with excellent use of depth and color. I really couldn't get over how amazing it looked at times, especially the vibrant and alive backgrounds. At one point I was jumping around shooting some of the flying enemies and watched as one of their rockets grazed me and flew right by the camera. It was cinematic without trying to be which was perfect.

The actual gameplay concept works well and I like how some challenges are not clearly labeled or explained. However thanks to the nice checkpoint feature, the gamer is encouraged to explore and try different solutions to the obstacle ahead of them. Even if their idea may cause death, it isn't a frustrating death since you only hop back a little bit. Also really liked using the already alive backgrounds to help progress. It really helped bring the background to life even more.

My main suggestion would probably be to add a button that you can hold down which will freeze your character and allow you to hit the wasd keys to change the direction your character is facing without moving. This would really help in some of the tricky jumping parts although I didn't mind the challenge I could see this feature helping many who may have a hard time. Also would make aiming and shooting easier for those that don't like jumping and doing the cross maneuver ;)

Also even more use of the foreground and background would be awesome. I thought you used it quite well to hide secret coin deposits so keep that up and really integrate it with the fantastic backdrops.

Finally maybe start offering multiple ways to get to the next section. So it would not only increase replay value but would give gamers that sense that they found a different way than the normal ;)

Great job team and can't wait to see the next update :)

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obihb Feb 19 2010 replied:

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

About the controls, we actually don't intend people to ever use the keyboard to play this. Because the demo runs on the PC of course the keyboard is inevitable because not everyone owns a game pad. But the game is meant to be played with a game pad and you'll have much less trouble maneuvering the character with a controller compared to the keyboard. The game will in fact mainly be aimed at consoles.

Your suggestions are good and I'll say that we consider all these things as we work out designs. To be honest about the demo though, the level basically got cut back quite a bit and some stuff had to go for this iteration, which includes stuff like multiple paths or secret areas. Ultimately the workload forced me to get more focused on the main part of the level in stead.

We do consider multiple paths per level, we also consider throwing in more as you say background to foreground interaction for the player to find secret areas.. etc. It's definitely all planned features for the full game. And also as you mentioned, it's about replay value. Running through again should be slightly different and try find more things. We also consider other methods to add replay value.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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PLing Feb 19 2010 says:

Blew my mind. Loving the effects and how you're using UE3 to "full" extent with this. Gonna give it a whirl later!

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obihb Feb 19 2010 says:

Thanks to everyone's great response. We put a lot of work into the game and it's good to see it's not for nothing.. :)

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Veldanor Feb 19 2010 says:

Uggh, can't figure the controls out, atleast not the "Action" button, so I'm stuck at the first level looking at the small monitor with handle that's supposed to do something.

Also, perhaps it would be nice to have fullscreen option.

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Veldanor Feb 19 2010 replied:

Epic fail, i didn't realise the path just a few footsteps away

fantastic game, really "old skool" is it going to be free or perhaps something you pay for?

it's definetly worth the last one :)

as long as it is released on PC and not console exclusive

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obihb Feb 20 2010 replied:

For running in full screen, push Alt+Enter. Sorry there's no menu option to choose this.

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soniq Feb 19 2010 says:

Great graphics. Great Game!

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koburamoe Feb 20 2010 says:

Played it , felt kinda boring , all you had to doo in this level was to RUN , JUMP and SHOOT , nothing interesting happened , but this is only 0.1 I still ahve high hopes for this cuz it looks awsome :D .

BTW what 3d modeling program did you used ? I wanted to start a small mod myself but i dont want to buy Maya or 3ds MAX at those prices ?


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Midnitte Feb 20 2010 says:

Looks awesome!

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Adamaeus Feb 22 2010 says:

I played this without realizing that it is intended to be played with a gamepad. Still, despite a few maneuvering troubles, this was an excellent title. The art is stylish and smooth, the texture work was great (no texture-pop in an Unreal Engine 3 game? thank God), and the levels cleverly designed.

I hope in future versions to see a greater diversity of movement abilities and weaponry. And hopefully a demo which allows for more paths through the level and a proper final boss. As it stands, the demo is impressive but anticlimactic. I thought that giant red metal robot was going to be a boss--but no, just something to walk through.

This has the foundation of an excellent title. Please continue, this could be wonderful. :)

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open-reset Author
open-reset Feb 22 2010 says:

Yes in the final game there will be so much more diversity. There are still weapon upgrades, special ability upgrades, grenades, and special weapons to come.

The final game will also have more paths etc, because this level is quite linear still.

The red robot will attack you eventually as well, we just didn't have time to get that in for this demo. As for a final boss we won't have one for this level. This level is basically the 2nd level out of 3. So each world/stage will consist of 3 levels each following a progression. So the final boss will only show up in level 3 of this world.

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Herr_Alien Feb 22 2010 says:

This is some hot stuff platforming! Cool!

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Jokerme Feb 22 2010 says:

Great game overally, but the part where we jumped over lava canals was too annoying. I spent like 10 minutes there and I was about to burst from anger. Except that part and some control issues this game is great and commercial quality.


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open-reset Author
open-reset Feb 22 2010 says:

@ Jokerme, there is actually an easier way to get over the lava canals. You have to find it in the gears section. Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

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moduser Feb 24 2010 says:

Exelent work !
I relly like to see the full mod ;-)

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ghost59 Feb 25 2010 replied:

i would like to see this a full game

+1 vote     reply to comment
ghost59 Feb 25 2010 says:

this comed be come a full game i like to ask you if you would like to join me with my game vator 1 for info read my bolgs

+1 vote     reply to comment
Auth3ntic0 Feb 26 2010 says:

Impressive. And I'm happy to see that developers are continuing to use UDK instead of making their own engine.

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WatchMaker Mar 3 2010 says:

I had planned to play this game, right up until I heard the trailer music.

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pyronious Mar 18 2010 says:

this was f*cking amazing. Mooaarrrr!

There is that part where u pass by a stationairy robo-dog or something.. I wish it would follow u around :p

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hulk0 Apr 2 2010 says:

i hope someone makes a abes oddyssee remake with this engine

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