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Nov 1 2017 Anchor

Hello people of IndieDB!

As the title suggests, I am here as a curious person wanting to know your Favorite Mobile Game.

Why do you like it? What do you wish it had more of?


P.S. Would love to know your stories about your first ever played game!

Nov 2 2017 Anchor

I'd say my favorite game is Resident Evil 4. Super Mario 64, A link to the Past, and Bayonetta all have a place in my heart, but I can come back to RE4 again and again!

Nov 3 2017 Anchor

My favorite one is undertale. Yeah quite casual, I don't care:D
And I crazily enjoy games involving financial risk games like netent slots.
They're not virtual in some weird sense cuz you risking your brick-and-mortar resources.

Nov 12 2017 Anchor

My Favorite games are the Elder Scrolls series. I've been playing them for over a decade now.

Nov 13 2017 Anchor

Definitely Half Life 2 ( :P )

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Nov 15 2017 Anchor

Good question!
Personally, the Fallout series hits home in my heart when it comes to consoles and computer. I just adore the lore (that rhymes!) and the company behind it (the newer one).

As your post asks, my favorite mobile game would probably be Clash of Clans (yes, I know...) just because it was one of the first I ever really played and me and my friends all played together in our clan.

Nov 15 2017 Anchor

Right now , dunno im playing 2k most of the time, but I turn on State Of Decay from time to time. First game was Super Mario :D

Nov 16 2017 Anchor

Uhm isn't this thread about your favorite mobile game ?

If yes, you should change the title because it's misleading ;) .

Nov 21 2017 Anchor

Nba 2k :) , I love Basketball I love the game :) Simple as that

Nov 21 2017 Anchor

Fallout 2, Total Annihilation and X: Beyond the Frontier. Three games that made the developer that I'm today. Unfortunately, zero console games as I never had access to them.


Penkura Penkura

Nov 21 2017 Anchor

Favorite mobile game? Probably Leo's Fortune, Fallout Shelter, or maybe Crossy Road

Favorite Game ever is probably Resident Evil 4, though this year alone has had some major contenders!

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