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Mar 15 2017 Anchor

I've given the mod a shot in it's current state, and, through updates and a complete lack of use, it's become mostly defunct and no longer has any servers. However, I think with a little bit of effort, a development team could make that change. If a development team could get in touch with A. The original developer and B. The developer who transported the mod from Mount and Blade singleplayer to Warband multiplayer, this mod might become something that is popular again.
I've just been fiddling around with the mod in a single-player hosted random plains world to see if there are any major instabilities, but so far, there are absolutely none. The thing, as it is, is fairly stable and able to stand up on it's own two feet, however, no maps are compatible with the mod (you spawn under the map) and there are currently no servers that make use of it.
The dedicated community of Warband might be able to make something out of this mod. I myself hold no modding experience or time to mod, however, I hope one of you mod developers do, and can restore this mod just like the Restoration attempted to restore America after the Civil War.
I've linked the download of the zip file to y'all so you can try it out yourself and testify with me, and possibly make use of the files contained within if you have experience with these sorts of things, but I hope it reaches the right hands and it grows to be a big ol' beautiful mod again.

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