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Posting your job ad. - READ ME FIRST TKAzA TKAzA - read

Jan 27 2014

The Job Board jacksonj04 jacksonj04 - read

Apr 10 2009

["Programmer]["Artist]["Composer"]["writer]looking to put a team together shadowhunter1ab2ef shadowhunter1ab2ef - read

3hours ago

[FREE] Composer/sound designer looking for projects noreos noreos - read

6hours ago

["Programmer"]["3D Modeler"]["Menu Graphics Artist"]["Web Developer"] Browser-based multiplayer FPS (Profit sharing) Profezzional Polyesta - read

17hours ago

[Voice Actor] - Looking for work! CreepyGeorge CreepyGeorge - read

19hours ago

Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Composer for Hire titanicpiano14 titanicpiano14 - read

21hours ago

[Artist]Partner for small steam games wanted naret naret - read

Sep 27 2016

Sound Designer free services chowesounddesign chowesounddesign - read

Sep 26 2016

FHSW 0.6 Release: for the game Battlefield 1942! buschhans buschhans - read

Sep 26 2016

[Programmer] seeking for paid Unity3D job DarioOlly DarioOlly - read

Sep 26 2016

y royalty-free music for your games AFV AFV - read

Sep 25 2016

[3D Modelers] USC GamePipe Project, Boltcraft, looking for artists! shazzyg GeneralJist - read

Sep 24 2016

["2D Pixel Artist"] Needed for an upcoming RTS/RPG game Zh4rsiest Zh4rsiest - read

Sep 23 2016

[Rev-Share][Programmers + Artists] Looking for a Small Team for a Small Series of Games Terran8793 tqm - read

Sep 23 2016

Goatee Composition and Scoring- Professional Music at Affordable Prices TheGoatee2012 TheGoatee2012 - read

Sep 23 2016

[Writer] Looking to expand my portfolio Caio.Sampaio03 Caio.Sampaio03 - read

Sep 22 2016

[Level Designer] "SQUAD" modding group looking for LD familiar with UE4 xtali xtali - read

Sep 22 2016

GameDev/Artist => LF Programmer (for game similar to Door Kickers) tigerija tigerija - read

Sep 22 2016

[Rev-Share] Pixel Artists wanted for 2D Atmospheric Adventure RPG BornofDreams BornofDreams - read

Sep 21 2016

[2D Artist] Experienced Art Mercenary Looking For Paid Work! pastelchameleon pastelchameleon - read

Sep 21 2016

Sound Designer looking for project Cm517 Cm517 - read

Sep 21 2016

Versatile Composer Available AddieAnderson AddieAnderson - read

Sep 21 2016

[Composer] 8 / 16 bit specialist (academically trained in Game Design & Development) looking for work! zigauche zigauche - read

Sep 21 2016

Over 1000 Tracks of Free Music and Sound FX Eric_Matyas Eric_Matyas - read

Sep 20 2016


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