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Posting your job ad. - READ ME FIRST TKAzA TKAzA - read

Jan 27 2014

The Job Board jacksonj04 jacksonj04 - read

Apr 10 2009

[2D Artist] Sprite Artists Needed for RPG (Will Pay) LacertaDev LacertaDev - read

1hour ago

(Rev Share) Ninja Vault Looking 3D Character Modeler and Animator Javiera_Stephanie Javiera_Stephanie - read

2hours ago

COMPOSER - Looking for new project fantasticmrbeef pedrovgm - read

3hours ago

making a dev team Golden Creed Devs goldencreed goldencreed - read

15hours ago

Voice Actor for Video Games JeremiT JeremiT - read

Aug 16 2017

The Grid Down team could use YOUR help! [Unpaid] JumpCheck_Com_Mgt JumpCheck_Com_Mgt - read

Aug 16 2017

[FOR HIRE] Kirk Markarian - Video Game Soundtrack: Electronic Music Composition / Sound Design - Seeking New Projects! KirkMarkarian KirkMarkarian - read

Aug 15 2017

SFX Designer/Composer/Audio Programmer Matthewdeargameaudio Matthewdeargameaudio - read

Aug 15 2017

[Rev-share]3D Animator. INTgame INTgame - read

Aug 15 2017

(Portfolio)[Available-Paid] Experienced Concept and Pixel Artist Available DoubleLizard DoubleLizard - read

Aug 14 2017

[Art Admin, Texture Artist, Promotional Artists, +More] Wanted For SciFi RTS Alpha GeneralJist GeneralJist - read

Aug 13 2017

[looking for a job] SP3D Studio - professional hard surface/game art/ 3d modeling SPotulski SPotulski - read

Aug 13 2017

[For Hire] Sam Foster Sound | Experienced Game Composer titanicpiano14 titanicpiano14 - read

Aug 13 2017

[Sound Engineer / Producer] Looking for some experience Guadaña Guadaña - read

Aug 12 2017

[3D Artist] looking for some free-time gamemaking fun! lilacola chaoscauser - read

Aug 12 2017

[Revenue Share] [Programmers] C++ Programmers wanted for a multiplayer FPS game in CryEngine V! Valkinsenn Valkinsenn - read

Aug 11 2017

3d environmental and 3d character artists needed nwint lilacola - read

Aug 11 2017

Exp. & versatile Composer nice-noise nice-noise - read

Aug 11 2017

[Modeler/Animator/Artist] For a VR/Fps MMORPG (Unpaid for now) Mwalsh111 Mwalsh111 - read

Aug 10 2017

[Composer] Looking for Next Great Adventure! Bakudah Bakudah - read

Aug 9 2017

[Small PAY] REV Hireing small Time Coder Heffernan Heffernan - read

Aug 7 2017

Indie VGM for your games, Sci-fi, Retro, Chiptune, RPG, Cyberpunk, Synthwave.. joey4track joey4track - read

Aug 5 2017

[Composer] Searching for a collaboration (any) emitremmus emitremmus - read

Aug 5 2017


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