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Post news RSS Zomboid - Homesick indiegogo fundraising has ended.

$4030 raised! This has ended now, so be wary that purchasing Project Zomboid after this point will only be lining our pockets!

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If you want to donate, please go straight to Chloe's indiegogo here The amount we have raised comes to $4030 (USD) - and come Monday morning (damn weekends making business bank transfers awkward) we'll donate that amount to Chloe's indiegogo.

Thanks everyone, you are wonderful. <3 We made much much much more than we'd have been able to give just by donating ourselves. And a big big thanks to Desura for waiving their cut to make this figure as high as possible.

leezer - - 77 comments

As if I didn't already think you guys were awesome, nice work :D

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Heartbroken - - 63 comments

You guys are awesome, I just wish I was 18 and could donate to Chloe...

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vol4ok - - 453 comments

Actually can have paypal card in 16

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Heartbroken - - 63 comments

Can you ?
I didn't know, thank you !

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lemmy101 Author
lemmy101 - - 30 comments

amazing well done :-)

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MaciKeks - - 38 comments

Cool! I donated 20$, havent got more atm. :(

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ArathHunter - - 227 comments

Good guy Desura. Nice job guys, hope she'll get what she needs!

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kalirion - - 99 comments

Good job guys! And impressed by Desura's generosity too! Now if only you can make paypal so understanding :)

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