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Brief explanation of the game and what makes it unique. Let us know what you think!

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Zombie crisp is an infinite top down zombie shooter. You control a turret with 5 hit points and try to survive as long as possible.

The controls are super simple and casual friendly, just touch the screen and the turret shoots in that direction. Tap the turret to pause the game. That's it!

What makes zombie crisp unique from other shooters is it's unique FIRE MECHANIC.

There are several fire based power ups, like fire bullets and a flamethrower. If you set a zombie on fire and another zombie comes into contact with it, the fire will spread to the next zombie and so on and so on!

If you survive up to level 30 and onward you will see how important fire spreading is to your survival.

Without it you would have no chance to stay alive, but by setting multiple zombies on fire at once your chances are highly improved.

So if your trigger finger and accuracy are on point you can potentially survive forever! but the difficulty is balanced just right so that you must maintain your focus the entire time. One slip up and you're likely screwed!

So Don't blink! or easily pause the game by tapping the turret and proceed to blink :)

We hope you enjoy the game and burn them all to a crisp!

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