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Picked at random, 4 people will be winning a free copy of the game Zero Gear.

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The thrill of racing and epic battles Zero Gear brings the fun in Gaming. Up to 8 players with15 maps to compete in. Zero Gear is a physics-fueled, multiplayer kart combat game. Deck out your kart and character before jumping into one of many different game types. Awesome kinetic items help to spice up the action. With an open scripting system for creating new game modes, as well as support for user-created maps, karts, characters and more.

The first contest is for 4 Steam Keys to the game via Steam. Please take the time to download this free week and post with feedback for the team on what you would want to see in future patches. Winners will be selected randomly so if free games is what you desire please post a comment and let the fun begin. With the release of the game and the free play 4 lucky winners will get to play forever. Winners will be selected Sunday the 01/17/2010.

About Comps:

I am BlueWolf72 and will be holding monthly contests giving out free games on ModDB. My goal if you let me is to show you some video games that are new and fresh. With these contests I will be asking you to play the Demo or I might ask you create some game art. I might even ask you to make a video. In the end you can win some free video games. Watch the comp group to be notified when a new competition starts.

Contest Closed "You Win":

1. own4g3
2. wazanator
3. alcool
4. xxmaniacxx

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Flamingfox - - 2 comments

The Game is quite fun and quite different from most kart racing games, but i would like better support with the mouse for camera angles, seeing how i played it with a gamepad.

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OTPIdARP - - 167 comments

Means every steam user has got this free game, isn't it ?

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Mastix - - 594 comments

The netcode is still not-that-good, it vastly improved since the beta but it could still use some improvement.

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MechanicalPaladin - - 585 comments

I'd like to see more global attacks, like lightning strikes to all other players except you and the other players would stun for a second or two, well.. you get the point :P

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DarkLightWarrior - - 4 comments

You can play online smoothly even when hosting a game even on my quite slow connection, which is a big plus.

It is easier to play this game with your keyboard and mouse than with a Xbox 360 controller, which is not too good for my opinion, as I prefer to play my arcade racing games with a gamepad.

The keyboard and mouse controls are excellent though, and feel responsive enough even with a basic mouse and keyboard without any adjusting on sensitivity or the controls, so there is no need to worry about the game being less fun even when you can't get your favorite gamepad to work as you would have liked it to.

There should be more weapons with different effects on your enemies, but I hope that new weapons are already in the works.

The weapons are very accurate and useful once you get used to how they move after firing and what the effects are.

The graphics fit the game style perfectly. I also like the Steam achievements and support for user generated content (Night-vision goggles anyone?).

There are still some funny (more or less depending on the situation) glitches in the engine's physics.

Steam Cloud integration is also a big plus for my opinion, as it makes it easier to install the game again, as you do not need to worry about losing your character and your settings.

All things considered, this game is very good even at the current state. As I am quite confident this game will got much future updates and support for NimbleBit, it is definitely worth to give it a try during this free period.

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Murdouken - - 317 comments

Been playing the free pass for about 2 hours now. The game itself is really enjoyable but I have enountered some serious lag issues. A few servers I were playing on had my ping dart up to around 1200, even though I've never actually played a game (even when downloading) where my ping has exceeded 300.

Putting this aside, the game itself is incredibly fun. The weapons are extremely balanced (other than the spring. I don't really get what I'm supposed to do with it) and the tracks are very well designed. On top of the basic racing modes you've got the other game modes which are also incredibly fun.

The character creation is pretty fun too, making people look very varied if they put a bit of work into it. The problem I do have with character creation is that too many people seem to be going for the sets (Like the skeleton car, character, hat, and wheels) and it's just making people look the same.

It's a great game though if you can get past the lag problem in some servers.

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Dirt_Diggller - - 79 comments

I liked the fact that even the bots can beat me, They also work on the Football mode which I think is Amazing.

Just Wish that my PS3 pad would work better on the game, then I would go and get the drivers again to use Sixaxis,

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DemonProwler - - 55 comments

The game brings back them memories of sitting in your bedroom in 1993 playing Mario Kart with your friends thinking "WOW THE GRAPHICS" and enjoying the suprisingly cheesey music.

Zero Gear brings back that feeling, which means it gets the job done! Great work guys...

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phipe - - 519 comments

Maybe have the physics a liiiitle improved? To the point that i dont see the difference between before and after.

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AwsomeCake - - 98 comments

hey, this game actually looks pretty cool :P

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jdnttr - - 6 comments

I tried it, it s pretty playable, anyway I prefere Mario Kart Wii.
But I think you should improve the Netcode :3

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Durzan - - 33 comments

I unterstood the control fast and I had much fun.

Some things which you should add:
-a map editor
-SDK Kit for modder
-a filter for the serverbrowser
-more items

I am sure that I will read much about Zero Gear in the future.

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blubbfisch - - 31 comments

id like to see more use of a slide, since jumping was pretty useless in beta

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CubanGringo - - 12 comments

Lmao, that was fun.

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PiNgZeRo - - 1 comments

great game although i had a few minor laggs..
editor would be great =)

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dandi8 - - 72 comments

Maybe it's not so much of a fix-patch-wish but...
I'd like to see more vehicles, characters and other customization stuff.

Also, I'd like to see some tools for XSI/Mod Tool so that we could make our own maps in it (or are the tools already existing??).

And I think the biggest of them all:
More options for graphics adjustment! :)

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MrDev - - 59 comments

Biggest thing I'd be after is an option for voice, cause who has time to type when you're parading around in your awesome custom kart?

Perhaps a tournament mode? where you pick 3 maps of one game mode or mix it up. Should make for a more fun get together with friends.

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DaRocketeer - - 4 comments

This game has been tons of fun since the beta.

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egpheel - - 16 comments

The game seems pretty fun! Gonna try it out when I get home :)

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Basha - - 5 comments

I think u should give more structure to a group of levels by having doors u enter from a main room and have that room based on the theme of the levels, these doors could also be locked until a certain level is obtained, also you could add in say drops of oil that you pick up and once you say get 10, up to 99 drops of oil you get a slight speed boast but if you crash you drop them.

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Kaphei - - 18 comments

You should release in a month or two an user friendly SDK to allow us to make maps, I played all maps, and although most of them are really good, I would still like to feel that there's more variety, and nothing keeps a game fresh better than user generated maps.

The game is good overall, congrats on releasing it~

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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

Love the game. Some racing levels with multiple routes Would be neat, and some moving level pieces since you have physics in the game. For example a Ramp that raises and lowers and you have to time a boost at the top to get to an upper race track that is faster and more efficient, but harder to stay on.

Also on the space race level, me and a friend were trying to use the big first jump to get up on top of the level and succeeded once, It would be cool if this was actually part of the map and you could drive up there, or if you could jump and gravity inverted so you could drive on the ceiling of the level and go around the track.

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VirusxXx - - 216 comments

Me wants a copy of it ^^ I tried the demo, and looove the free weekend :P

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deceiver - - 28 comments

Just played with a friend, and for a kart racing game on the PC, it's quite good! Reminds me of Mario Kart in many ways...the attacks, the tracks, the music, etc. I can see it being fun to play with buddies. I can't help but thinking the game would be better suited for a console however. What really put me off in the game was the sound design. The sounds all around were pretty lackluster, the boost sound isn't satisfying enough, the normal driving one either. All the sounds in general lack POW. The jumping animation on the car also needs work. It's so minimal that it barely shows and same problem again, the sound lacks for it.

Other those few kinks, I enjoyed it!

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izzysinz - - 316 comments

Really fun. In the future i would possibly like to see unlockable content (I.e. Hats accesories karts and wheels) for completing challenges or the steam achievements. would give a more competitive edge to it. Also maybe more trap pickups and so on. Things you can set like oil spills or whatever floats your boat. The game modes are amazingly fun and brings back memories of when the playstation first came out and we all gathered round to share controls and popcorn. keep up the good work

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GossamerSolid - - 162 comments

Hey guys,

I'm glad to see this guy is going to get you guys some money. I played the beta quite a bit with a lot of friends and we had a blast.

Keep adding maps, characters, customization features, new weapons and release some modding tools!

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Kimphoe - - 41 comments

I just played the football thing and it wasn't too convincing. Although I would love to play race!

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Nooyen - - 1 comments

Great game :] Of course the lag is still an issue. Maybe because nobody is running dedicated servers? I'd like to see the jump/hop improved a little, maybe a bit higher and add more of a sound so you know you jumped?

Also the drift-jump-thing feels a little too tight. I guess just because I'm used to mario kart :S And skid marks/sparks for when you powerslide-drift-jump-thing?

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RED-FROG - - 380 comments

Didn't understand what this "contest" is all about.

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oWn4g3 - - 174 comments

Great fun, havent laughed so hard for a whole time. Beating my friend 4:0 in this ice hockey arena was just priceless. Nevertheless we had some random high ping problems.

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shakeem3 - - 3 comments

this game is cool ill tell all my friends about it and theyll do the same

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OscarorE - - 3 comments

I enjoyed the game, it would be fun with a few more game modes and more maps but overall the game is mighty fun! have been playing the free version for hours with my friends.

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shakeem3 - - 3 comments

the game is great still lags and have some Crash on start up issues but overall game is great

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explorer7 - - 41 comments

I like this game, but the soccer mini-game is kind of boring and difficult to play. Racing is fun, but I wish there were more powers. I have only had a few problems with ping, I think that is what it was. Sometimes this game seems too simple, such as the only few power ups, and the two speeds of driving: non-boost, and boost. There should be more mechanics and complexity. But overall it is a good game that can be great!

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Tormentor_Dust - - 11 comments

It's pretty fun, but it still has lag issues like many others have already said. Hopefully it'll be perfect after a few patches :).

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Niwarrior - - 13 comments

I have been playing for a few hours now and i must say I really like it.I enjoy the tag mode as well as the racing but found the hockey mode odd feeling and the puck was very hard to control. Character customization is awesome as are the weapons(very creative weapons) one draw back is that there arn't enough weapons in the game.Turning is a bit odd and can really ruin you in a game fast. I like the game all in all and it reminds me of Mario Kart which is a good thing for me because I like Mario Kart. I can defiantly see me buying this in a few days.

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Illandel - - 7 comments

I tried it awhile ago when I got a beta key, it was pretty fun. Seems promising.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

Well,this game is quite awesome I have to admit,it's getting hard nowadays to find a nice,funny and PLAYABLE "car" game,becaus this game isn't just racing,I liked everything on it,and well,I must admit,the team who made this game is really nice,and reminds me of Mario Kart,which I played for so long,and was funny.

So,on your future patches,I expect a bit more things like:

First:More weapons,I say,the things that you get on the boxes to make your opponents lose,as one of them could be a bowling ball =D

Second:More Cars,Characters and things to equip,making the game funnier than it's already is.

Third:A tutorial for new players,or just a guide during the loading times.

And Fourth:More "efetuas",like,when running with the car,you could make it faster,like,to MAKE PEOPLE SEE that it's running,because I must admit,it's kinda slow.

Well,I give you my thanks for now end forever,this game,promised,and will be the Funniest Multiplayer Car Game EVER!

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

sorry,on FOURTH it's not EFETUAS it's EFFECTS T_T

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Magirock - - 59 comments

I went ahead and tried out the Free Week, I have to say that the game was certainly more than I actually expected since I tend to "judge books by their cover".

After it finished installing, I went ahead and picked up the Quick Play option, which led me to an enjoyable mini game-like map that resembled Pinball in which I had fun with. Afterwards, I went ahead and decided to try the Multiplayer function... I only found two servers with insanely high pings, yet I decided to try them. The lag, of course, was horrendeous and you can truly feel that the entire thing, even with a little bit of lag, is virtually unplayable.

Other than that, the game's great. I truly appreciate the kindness of the developers for making a free week available.

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PrivRyan - - 116 comments

I love this game, and the action is really random. The physics implemented into the gameplay is sheer awesome. :D One thing tho... I think it might be me tho. I've been having really bad latency. somtimes its fine, and gameplay is really smooth, but then it jumps to 1200 D:
the ski ball map is tons of fun, a long with the other ones. :) theres so much variety, and im sure there will be even more with the upcoming editor

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AlCool - - 3,112 comments

Downloaded this yesterday with a bunch of friends and it only took a few minutes to consider buying the four pack! The load times are mere seconds, the performance is great, even on my friends crappy laptop, he has a full framerate of mid to high settings.

It really feels like it was Mario Kart inspired, and I LOVE the use of physics in the game. I feel each weapon is overpowered in its own right, probably why the boost handicap is so extreme to keep everyone together.

Online has been working VERY well, although it spiked a few times, it was manageable. My only problem was the joypad support, because for some reason it randomly makes me turn left for about 5 seconds at a random interval multiple times a race. But other then that, the gameplay is addicting and hilarious.

All this needs now is a simple map editor like that of time splitters, amirite? Also some trick jumping maps, kinda like the corkscrews/loops that are 100% useless in the stunt mode, but so goddamn amusing to take.

First Impression, without the left turning crap that keeps getting me, I'd give this an 8 out of 10, just because it feels like more features and maps could be present, although the 15 dollar value and 3 dollar 4 pack really makes this a must try for even those with the weakest hardware!

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CptKaboose - - 59 comments

I like this game. I do not like racers on the computer except for Burnout Paradise, Track Mania and as of now Zero Gear.

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Flaringo - - 1 comments

I'd like to see more some more weapons and power ups. Maybe some interactivity in the maps, like moving obstacles etc. The steering could use some tweaking as well.

Great game so far, though!

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Soulseker - - 137 comments

Good fun, hope there will come more items soon :D

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ThePengu - - 31 comments

I remember a game called lego racers. it bares a lot of similarities to this one. one thing it had was the ability to power up your power ups into stronger versions. so you could hold off a power up to get a better result. Id like to see that.

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Decimae - - 6 comments

I really like this game, like everyone here. Though there's a bug which gives me random achievements, like getting overachiever(being in first place the whole race) for being last the whole race(yes, seriously, it was my first game).

Also, a tutorial for each of the levels, the functions and the keys would be very nice.

Further more, I do think the metagame-achievements should be different, since some of them, like lemming(fall 5 times), are contra playing.

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Decimae - - 6 comments

I forgot to say, the most important of all, local split-screen multiplayer. There aren't any modern games doing this, and if Zero Gear would do this, that would be fantastic.

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nyceez - - 243 comments

i would like a free copy, been playing since the week 1 of the beta :D

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wazanator - - 761 comments

Had a blast playing. There were a few things it could use though:
1. more weapons
2. Unlocks for your cart and character (just playing over time to unlock them would be good)
3. Karts seemed to slide around a little to much
4. The Ice cube model seemed kind of blah. When I first started playing I couldn't really figure out what it was.
5. Having to restart the game to get graphic changes (minor but annoying)

Things I really enjoyed:
1. The amount of customization that can go into your kart
2. The different game modes. I really liked the tag and football one
3. That you can't use a mic. I can't tell you how much better the game play was without mics (plus it helps to cut back on the lag to!)
4.The bots were smart and knew what they were doing
5. The insane crashes :P (everyone going for the football at start and colliding and sending me soaring into the air was hilarious)
6. The controls were nice and easy to use only one I had to change was the text key
7. The graphics. I really enjoyed the cartoony look
8. The simple menu. Was easy to navigate and didn't take a lot of brain power to get a server going with my friends

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