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Gelgood Model and progress update Launching!

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OK good news and not so good news. Good news first..

I have a new computer with all of the latest technology (Intel i7) to help steam roll though all of my projects. The probelm was that I, for a while, was unable to retrieve any work from my old computer, thus development has been slow.

At school the new semester starts, and I have one more class this time around. It is also the classes I don't do well in so i'm going to focus on them more than the Xeno Project. However after May I won't have to worry about school for a year or two.

In all i've been doing barrel rolls to get things done. Luckly we have been aided by the Shadow Invasion: Gundam team for Empire at war: Forces of Corruption. In a deal I gave them the GM and Zaku, while we obtained the RX-79[G] Ground Gundam and Magella attack tank.

Today I present the Gelgoog, or Zeons Gundam
MS-14A Gelgoog Model, no textures
And from Venom:

I also have been very busy i reallife with computer problems, health, jobs and stuff like that but this next month we will be doing 3 unit profile videos as i have explained before Showing unit abilities, behavour, counter unit and stratigies.

Anyway look forward to new updates this next month

So I guess it is time to ask for help again...

VenomGundam wrote: Also we are looking for help in the form of anyone that has modding talent eg.: - Modellers
- Skinners
- Animators
- XML and Lua Coders
- Concept artists
- Anything Graphics related

you can also email me at venomgundam@hotmail.com

Don't be shy apply

Future Updates Coming Soon

I almost forgot the original side is coming almong most of it is just ideas still and all the units/ buildings you see in the image section are complete place holders.


Ahhh I like :)

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