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What does a indie developer need ? What problems do developers encounter? How to fix it? Indiegame development can be really hard if you don't have the necessary tools for success!

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Video Games Industry in one place!

Developers needs?

Independent developers are researching help to complete their project. A single person or a small team of developers can not take care of everything!

Assuming scripting, 3D modelling and mapping to marketing, a lot of knowledge is required to run a video game smoothly!

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses to share with others, to constantly evolve and gain new knowledge.

The failure of most video games is due to a breach in the communication made over the project and the abandonment of the participants and creators.

Xeno Gaming

What problems do developers encounter?

When you start developing a video game, one quickly realizes that this is a lot more than we expected at the beginning.

You start focusing on scripts and creating characters and a few maps and that moment, you realize that the project as you planned it first, is unachievable due to lack of knowledge. But it doesn't matter!

Each developer then starts endless researches on various development forums, asks questions on hundreds of websites, without ever getting a proper and constructive response, and then realizes that the video game is only at the stage of beginning.

For those who have passed with flying colors to finalize their own game, the challenge begins when starts the marketing and communication on the video game. How to share the game? With what resources? How to gain interest of players and make them talk about the game?

Developers are not marketing or communication professionals and often don't have the financial resources to make speak about them. So the video games are only published on some website waiting for returns, sometimes inconclusive.

Xeno Gaming Dev

How to fix it?

Every developer has the right to have his moment of glory. Why not allow him to reach it more easily? The tools developers need to create their video games are part of the video game universe.

The video games ecosystem brings together a wide range of professions, skills and gathers a large community around the world.

Designers, developers, musicians and others, come together to create beautiful universe thanks to their skills and creativity.

By creating a platform which brings together all these skills through an active, helpful and enriching community, it will allow developers to complete their projects successfully.

Xeno Gaming was created for that purpose. All the video game universe finally gets together.

All features on Xeno Gaming:

  • Learning section
  • Share and sell video games
  • Library:
    • 2D/3D Models
    • Application
    • Animation
    • Audio
    • Complete Projects
    • Particle System
    • Scripting
    • Shaders
    • Textures & Materials
  • Blogger and Livestream section
  • Communication / Marketing
  • Events
  • BETA Testing

The next steps

We are currently finalizing our platform. Soon we are launching our crowdfunding campaign which we will help us develop the last missing solutions.

We are always looking for partners and sponsors, which want to support and help us realize our dream and so one of each developer.

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