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Blade Symphony has a new playable character. Her name is PURE, a wushu-trained Hokuten assassin. Check out the brand spanking new trailer.

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Hey everyone, if you have Blade Symphony on Steam right now the game has been updated to version 1818. With this patch you get to play as PURE, a wushu-trained Hokuten assassin. She has 17 unique attacks already and more is being added as we move closer towards a final build.


Pure in Character Customization

These last six months we've went back and updated a majority of the animation in the game.

Since the last six months:

  • We've pushed more than ten major game patches updating gameplay mechanics, game balance from feedback, new weapons (Longsword)
  • Had our first community organized tournament, streamed on Twitch.tv and gave players prizes like unique capes that only they can wear
  • A "School of War" started by players for teaching each other the game, training sessions in a dojo with a mentor / student program, and player-run events like last man standing and battlechess (pokemon).
  • New game modes were just implemented, the first being Hero Mode which pits one player against an entire server, where the Hero has 5x damage

If you don't have Blade Symphony yet, get it now on Steam!



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lel boob armor

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Maybe to increase sales:

- You need to separate the fighting characters' color scheme from the background 3D world colors, otherwise the whole thing looks like some red-brown mush.

- Background is too shiny, decrease its brightness to make your characters stand out.

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