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This update adds a new support power for instantaneous travel and surprise attacks.

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Empyrean Frontier Update: Wormholes

Wormholes are essentially portals between two points on a skirmish map, which allow for instantaneous travel between the two locations. They function in a similar manner to a sneak attack tunnel network as in C&C Generals or nydus worms in Starcraft 2, however wormholes last very briefly and only provide one-way travel. The spawn wormhole ability is activated by the Wormhole Generator module (tier 4 building) and like other support powers, it will have a long cooldown.

The video demonstrates placing and using a wormhole, of course normally the entrance and exit nodes would be placed on opposite sides of the map or wherever the player wants to send ships, and not right next to each other.

Progress Updates:
I've also been busy creating tutorials and campaign missions, plus a lot of new features associated with the campaign, none of which is done yet, which is why this update is smaller than usual. I try to keep a semi-regular update schedule and in the next week or two, the campaign mode should be in a state to show off. Right now this is all I can show, but I'm in the middle of adding a similar warp mechanic for traveling between different playfields, opening up the possibility for multi-system maps and a more 4X-like game mode integrated with the RTS-style campaign.

Plejadenwolf - - 520 comments

I like that wormhole effect, it looks really looks like one. I hope the game will be similar to Empire at War or Sins of a Solar Empire.

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GaldorStudios Author
GaldorStudios - - 18 comments

Thanks, it'll definitely be similar in some ways, those are both great games. The game design is still evolving as I see how different features feel in the game, but the game most likely won't have nearly as many planetary systems as Sins of a Solar Empire. I'm also trying to make battles a lot faster and I think it should leave room for a lot more positional micro than a lot of other space strategy games.

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