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Things that have been added to the game and things that is still to be added to the game! And what our future plans are

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Here are some changes!
Maps: We have finished Map1, Map 2 is almost done and Map 3 is being build.
Systems: We have rain system, Gun system, cloud system and we have added some good looking fire and smoke animations! All added to the game! At last the multiplayer system is going to be added soon.
Enemy: We still haven't added the Zombies, we have some problems with that, there will be fixed very soon and when that is fixed the alpha is going to be around the corner.
Buildings: We have all new buildings added to the game, the new buildings is going to be on Map2 and Map3. We have some buildings you can walk into but in the map1 we are working on rooms you enter and it will load the room.
Singleplayer: The singleplayer is not that hard, you will probably finish it pretty fast, you only have to kill zombies in every map to get passed! You can skip one map but that is not fun!
Multiplayer: The multiplayer is still to be added, there is going to be a Team deathmatch mode where you can play in 4 maps! After the release we are planning on new mode and new maps for the multiplayer.
Easter egg: Yoy can find some objects that are from other games!
Trailer: New trailer is in the making, it will be released soon!

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