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The next release for the cursed will contain super weapons for both factions: the imperial nuke launcher and the cursed hellstorm.

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For a long time, I had super weapons as gameplay feature on my mind. Now, I started implementing them. They will basically be high area-of-effect and high-damage weapons with a low rate of fire. Balancing and tweaking is not fully finalized yet, but the superweapons are currently comparable to C&C or Starcraft. They will do massive damage but not be able to destroy totally everything they hit. All light and medium units and buildings will be burned to ashes quickly. This should especially enable cracking heavy fortifications during mid or late game. However, robust building and strong late-game units will survive one hit with a superweapon.

Weapons of mass destruction

Sooo... I want to show you how nuclear fire and hell fire will look like. The cursed hellstorm is a big evil-green fire burning over time and consuming everything. Maybe there will be some zombies spawning from the corpses of fallen infantry units...

The imperial nuke is a big atomic missle that does lots of damage with one shot (All credits for the nice mushroom explosion and smoke trail go to ZeroK). In contrast to nukes in games like TA there will be no way to intercept an approaching missile.


For both factions the super weapons can be accessed after upgrading advanced buildings. For the cursed faction the altar of darkness can be upgraded. The imperials can choose to upgrade the tech center into either a shield-generator or a nuke launcher. Of course, it is possible to enhance your output of devastation by building mutliple launchers is you can afford it.

Stay tuned for next release

So, the next release will include the super weapons as well as a new engine version for Spring and a lot polishing especially including additional normal maps for several units and buildings. And several bugs and improvements will be provided as usual. The super weapons will add additional dynamics to the game and are the tool to counter porcing.

The Cursed The Cursed Full Installer V 1.411 (Windows)

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