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What we're developing right now, and why we'd like an extra member to join our little crew...

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Why make a game when you have time to do other things?

I, Mace, have been on indiedb for a year (more or less) and I've got to see many games sprout up from no where and get played by 100s of people. Games that, otherwise, would have just been made and forgotten. Some are really good, some not so much. But who cares? No one. The community is here to teach you how to improve, to give you advice and most of all to enjoy a game made by 1+ people. And for us, we find that quite special. We want a part of that. We want to get to play other people's games, and for others to enjoy/join in on ours.

Aren't you a bit young?

We're all 17 and all of us have quite extensive knowledge in our specific areas. Stryker, our artist, has studied art at school and is constantly trying to improve his pixel art methods by searching, reading and learning. LardDude, the music dude, studied music in school and has an extensive knowledge of music theory. He knows his way round a keyboard, and knows how to hit us up with some fitting 8-bit music.

And me?... Well I've been programming for around 2 to 3 years now. I've kicked around in a lot of different languages before settling, and I've read my fair share of game code. I've written many mini-games in my own time, and I guess now's my time to shine..

What's this game about?

Well that... That'd be telling. All I do is leave you with this that sums up all I can say:

"A romantic, post-apocalyptic, robotic adventure set in a 2D pixel art platform world with a protagonist whose heart bleeds more than his metal framework as he saves her..."

We're looking for anyone, and we meen anyone, around the ages of 14 to 17 who wants to join in on design. It's hard for us to design with our large amounts of work so we'd prefer to shift that duty onto someone else. If you feel like doing it then email me at - Masimba.Walker@gmail.com

with this info -

Name -
Gender(don't wish to make mistakes) -
Age -
Location -
Skype -
What makes you an ideal games designer to us? -
What experience do you have (not required, just nice to know)-
Can you fill any other roles in our little company? -
How many hours your available to help out? -
Do you want to work with us permanently? -

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