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Witcher Kings 0.7.0 is now released, and compatible with vanilla 2.6.3 !

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Witcher Kings is now compatible with the latest build of CK2 version 2.6.3.

It is mainly a compatibility & bugfix release, but the pre-rendered portrait are also back (as an optional game rule), courtesy of @Sevgart

There are 2 different ways to download and install the mod:

- Witcher Kings 0.7.0 Windows Installer

- Witcher Kings 0.7.0 Manual Install

Checksum is 2.6.3 (ALNZ)

Note that previous saves are NOT compatible.

Check out the mod wiki page: Ckiiwiki.com

And don't hesitate to report bugs, or provide feedback and ideas !

Full 0.7.0 changelog:

Compatibility with vanilla 2.6.3

- Optimize events, decisions and CBs for performance.
- Add back canon portraits from video games as an optional game rule.
- Integrate Sevgart's sub-mod expanding & improving canon portraits (32 portraits)

- Add a game rule for Haak invasions
- Add an installer script for Windows based on NSIS (mod folder selection, uninstall previous version, clean gfx cache)
- Add Cerys an Craite and Svanrige an Tuirseach characters

- Balance Scoia'tael revolts
- Fix special forces commander titles not being grantable
- Tie Scoia'tael presence and special forces commander to tolerance laws
- Tweak peasant revolt vs Scoia'tael revolt ratio
- Fix some bugs where Scoia'tael presence would fire for an elven ruler
- Improve localization of special forces commander titles

- Fix druid spawning event
- Grant job_mage automatically when using "employ sorcerer" decision
- Fix "Promote Commander" only providing female characters
- Restric some unsuitable vanilla events
- Compress better the loading screens (33 Mo -> 13 Mo)
- Re-enable wall buildings for elves, pending custom ones
- Rename Smocze coast title to Dragon coast
- Add some loading tips to fill the gaps, and prevent vanilla ones from appearing
- Fix 'Raven' and 'Ban Ard' dynasty names

Guest - - 689,208 comments

Gaunter O'Dimm event, maybe? Maybe it could go like this; Gaunter O'Dimm arrives at your court and you get an event where he offers you a wish, like maybe 'I want to be rich' and you get alotta gold or maybe 'I want to rule all' and you get a strong claim on the Nilfgardian empire or a large event levy for you to start conquring with, but then you get a trait where at the time it expires Gaunter O'Dimm arrives for his repayment; your soul. You can try and fight back with a high enough learning, maybe, with an event where you must answer a riddle or something, otherwise your character dies.

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romulien Author
romulien - - 130 comments

Thanks, I've added the suggestion in the backlog !

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