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Exactly WHAT has been going on during the past 3 months? Spoiler: BIG SURPRISE!

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Hello world!

So not to keep you hangin', the SPOILER IS..

The spoiler is not good news for the Mana Aegis community, I must say. But you guys stuck by this project that will be a great game and we find it only fair that you know what's REALLY going on.

So without further a-don't, we have decided to put Mana Aegis on the back burner due to another game that screams for a final release version, "I Shall Remain". Yes, that game, the zombie RPG we created a few years back and has been GREENLIT by the steam community. Scorpius Games has directed most of the resources towards completing the "I Shall Remain" campaign and strikingly change the game from all points of view. Literarily, we even changed the original camera point of view :)

For those of you interested in this project, feel free to check out:

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But this is not the end for Mana Aegis as the project isn't on hold, it is just advancing at a slower pace. We are taking our time with the game's structure, improving some of the technology powering our world generation systems and other used to describe the awesome process.

No visual updates just yet for Mana Aegis, but we promise to return with goodies in this territory in the upcoming weeks, after we reveal the new take on "I Shall Remain".

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We thank you for all the great support you have shown so far and kindly ask you to bear with us a bit more time. Our pre-alpha for Mana Aegis will still be free and awesome! it will just come on stage a bit later than we have originally planned.

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