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Read the whole article very important cannot do normal download. With the new patch it corrects download issues and more, must read....!

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Version Readme It's patch day - WOOT! Introducing Modular Trench PPO's, the Sturmgewehr 44, Server Tracked Bombs and more! This game update requires a FULL "MANUAL" installation which will fix patching going forward. To download the game and start playing, go to our downloads page and click your installation. Please assist other players with this understanding. Regular logging in and patching will not work! Download pages link


Cornered Rat Software is releasing WWII Online version!

This includes some highly anticipated content such as Server Tracked Bombs, STG44, HUD Waypoints, New Trenches + MORE!

Join us for this exciting patch and get ready for our big 19th anniversary celebration / D-Day event on June 6th 2020 at 11AM.

Please continue reading for patch notes and event details. World War II Online Version - May 2020

This release is an assortment of bug fixes, updates and long awaited new features.


Fixed a Playgate (PC only) crash that wasn't allowing for it to download patch files

Corrected an issue that wasn't showing proper commands in the .help menu

Fixed the issue that caused engines to fall off whenever plane landing gear were shot

The M4A3 Sherman's ammo readout has been fixed to represent the proper ammunition being used

An error that was showing up in the log file has been resolved

Found and fixed the issue that was causing only Hurricanes to be listed in the Enemies tab of the AAR screen


Adjusted the Vickers Mk VIc's 15mm Besa penetration and ballistics to address the over performance issue

Added a section to the FlaK 36's user manual in regards to the "Look Over" feature

Straight Sandbag and Barbed Wire PPOs can now "stick" together, allowing for a solid line of PPO objects

The Copying Old Setup Files popup message has been updated to help make it less confusing

The in-game Credits have been updated Language translations have been updated with this release's information

The Mac log file is now located at "Users//Library/Application Support/com.corneredrats.wwiiol"


The Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44) is being added to the German arsenal, in limited quantities

Kill credits will now be given for running over infantry units with various types of other units

Bombs have been added to Server Tracked Objects (STOs), this will now allow bomber pilots to kill infantry from above 700m

Mission Waypoints will now appear both on the player's map and their Heads-Up Display (HUD), this feature can be disabled within the Preference options Mission Waypoints are now shared across multiple Missions that have the same Target location

Whenever a new player, rank 1, shoots an AI unit they will receive an alert that AI units can only be destroyed by larger caliber weapons or grenades

In-game chat transmissions may be temporarily revoked for violating the Terms of Service

Combat Engineers have been added to all countries which allow more defined focus on offensive operations

The Trench Player Placed Object (PPO) has been added to normal Engineer's equipment availability S!

Cornered Rat Software

ACTIVATE AND UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT: Support Cornered Rat Software's development of WWIIOL and subscribe! Account.wwiionline.com

Coming This Week End WWII Online 19th Anniversary Special Event

When: D-Day, Saturday, June 6, 2020. Time: 11:00 AM server time (PST) or 2:00 PM EST or 6:00 PM GMT. Where: The "Special Event" server (you will see the server in your Playgate options)

For Mac users, it's your server selection (Training / Events).

Duration: Four hours.

Details: The day is June 6, 1943 In this “what if scenario” The Allies are determined to strike against the Axis in France before their Atlantic wall is complete and while Axis forces are stretched to the East in Russia. In striking early, the Allies will not be as well-equipped or organized as they were a historically (a year later) and in some cases the Axis forces will be stronger as they have not suffered the historical losses yet, especially in the LW and the KM.

Operation Rapid Strike will be played on the Special Event server. The campaign server will be locked for the duration of the Special Event (4 hours planned).

In this scenario there will be only a few light armor tanks in garrison supply so the first few hours of the event will be infantry, navy and air focused.

Moveable brigades loaded with heavy armor will arrive to the front lines about 90-120 minutes after the event starts.

In Operation Rapid Strike the Allies have chosen speed (attack in 1943) and closest distance between England and France for the main attack – Dover to Calais!

The Allies will have secured a beach head at Calais and moved less than 30 km inland before meeting Axis resistance (Calais, Wissant, Marquise, Ardres, Boulogne and Gravelines start Allied with all Allied FB’s except Gravelines and Boulogne whose FB’s will be Axis. Allies will have air in Calais

A secondary Allied landing at will be simulated at Vlissigen with Breskins, Ijzendike, Westkapelle and Veere starting Allied giving us two locations for Air, sea and land action. Allies will have air in Vliss.

The key is that the first 2 hours will be fighting without heavy armor and will be air, navy and infantry focused until armor arrives. We expect to recognize a few top performing players and next week we will roll out the Allied and Axis scoring rules so we can declare a winner for bragging rights at the end of the event. Mark your calendar and save a few hours on D-Day 2020 to fight along side your squaddies and join Operation Rapid Strike!

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