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Over 100 downloads and not a single bit of feedback.

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The purpose of this early release was so that we could get feedback from you - the players. After several days and a hundred downloads, we still have not received ANY feedback. We don't know if you like it hate, feel meh about it. Thus far we've had one guy have a game issue and one person here on Moddb give a review. (Thank you by the way, we hope you revise your review upon actual release) The point of this release was NOT to release a final product it WAS so that we could get feedback and suggestions fro you all. If we don't receive any actual feedback within a week we will pull all downloads for this version mod and only release the full version of the mod.

Please leave your feedback on this mod. Thanks!

MogenarZ - - 355 comments

Seems good so far! I'm not terribly familiar with the intricacies of the alternate world of Man in the High Castle, so I can't offer much feedback there. That being said, perhaps add an event system for territorial disputes between Germany and Japan? It would make a more dynamic world in a mod with only a handful of nations.

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alexgrossmonster Author
alexgrossmonster - - 22 comments

We plan to add events in 0.2 but only if we can get enough feedback. Thankyou!

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