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Over 100 downloads and not a single bit of feedback.

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The purpose of this early release was so that we could get feedback from you - the players. After several days and a hundred downloads, we still have not received ANY feedback. We don't know if you like it hate, feel meh about it. Thus far we've had one guy have a game issue and one person here on Moddb give a review. (Thank you by the way, we hope you revise your review upon actual release) The point of this release was NOT to release a final product it WAS so that we could get feedback and suggestions fro you all. If we don't receive any actual feedback within a week we will pull all downloads for this version mod and only release the full version of the mod.

Please leave your feedback on this mod. Thanks!


Seems good so far! I'm not terribly familiar with the intricacies of the alternate world of Man in the High Castle, so I can't offer much feedback there. That being said, perhaps add an event system for territorial disputes between Germany and Japan? It would make a more dynamic world in a mod with only a handful of nations.

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alexgrossmonster Author

We plan to add events in 0.2 but only if we can get enough feedback. Thankyou!

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