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On that article we show what's news on version 0.3.1 of Modern Towers Early Access.

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Modern Towers 0.3.1

Modern Towers 0.3.1

On that video, a streamer play the updated version of the game

Whats New on Version 0.3.1?

  • LOD optimization
  • Machiavelli tower for twitchTowers
  • Add some detailed props on Level 01
  • Twitch Subs of streamer have a multiplier score on TwitchTowers

Whats New on Version 0.3?

  • Add more detailed props on Level 01
  • Create Level 02
  • Remove Booster and Backdoor towers from TwitchTowers
  • Connect to server for commit a global score from TwitchTowers
  • Add menu options for adjust graphics performance and audio volume

Whats New on Version 0.2.1?

  • Add dialog system
  • Add a subtitle system

Whats New on Version 0.2?

  • Add twitch towers integration with Twitch
  • Add a score for twitch towers

Want to Streaming Modern Towers?

If you want to streaming modern towers on twitch, you can try TwichTowers mode, on this mode you can integrate your Channel Points with the game. You just need to add one or more of this Reward Buttons on your channel:

  • SMG
  • Canon
  • Laser
  • Machiavelli

you can add one, two or all of then. SMG, Cannon and Laser are towers that help you with your defence. But Machiavelli is a hacked tower, and attacks your towers.


You can download the Twitch Icon Set for put in your Twitch Rewards Here:

SMG 112

Click on image to download

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