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A few words about what we are currently working on. New screenshots included!

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Hello commanders!

It's been almost a month and a half since our Kickstarter, and during this time, we're working up a sweat to deliver the game that will give you a ton of fun. We want to introduce you to what we are currently developing and show you some new screenshots. We hope you enjoy them and whet your appetite for more!

But before we get to the main course, we'd like to ask you to vote for Zoria in IndieDB's Indie of the Year poll. There are many of you out there, and we believe that together we will rank high in this competition for indie game lovers.

You can cast a vote on our IndieDB page >>here<<

Now, let's move on with the changelog.

Nightwarden Class

As some of you may recall, one of the secret goals of the Kickstarter campaign was reaching 50%, and it unlocked a new class - fearless and violent Nightwarden. First, we had some rough ideas on how this class should act on the battlefield, and during the last month, we managed to finish the profile of this class.

Nightwardens will use fire on the battlefield because this is the most effective deterring of monsters. Having Nightwarden in your team will significantly increase the group morale, as Nightwardens fear no death and can teach their teammates how to act the same. On top of that, Nightwardens know that the night is short; therefore, they must act quickly.

Day-night cycle

Well, what would be the point of the existence of Nightwardens if there were no night, wasn't it? That's why we've been spending the last few weeks polishing the day and night cycle in the world of Zoria, which will not only limit the amount of sunlight but also affect certain events and behaviors at specific times of the day.

And remember, the world of Zoria is not a safe enough place during the day. I dread to think how it will be at night.

Lake Mannor

A castle in the middle of rocky mountains, a fisherman's hut, fog hovering over the lake, and rumors of a secret lurking beneath the surface of this reservoir. Don't forget to chat with a hunter who stays in the area, as he will have something to say about the place.

New enemy - Troll

What is it - it has two legs, pointy ears, smells horrible, and you wouldn't entrust your pet to its care? No, it's not a green-clad boy rescuing a princess. It's a nasty troll lurking for fresh meat, inattentively straying near his lair. Just look at this monstrosity. It's probably time to show him that treating poor animals like this doesn't seem right.

That's all for today, and we're back to making the game. Let us know what you think of the above features, and don't forget to join our Discord - it's a smug place for RPG & coffee lovers (but if you are more of a tea person, you are more than welcome too.)

Stay tuned,

Zoria Team

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