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Come with us to present the "Contra Labs theory"- the history of the universe, through our new game - TEGRA. Come on?!

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Hey! Have you looked at the sky and thought about the history of the universe? How many secrets it hides? How everything started? Wow! I'm already dizzy just to think about the amount of theories that I made up in my mind.

TEGRA is the "Contra Labs theory" about the history of the universe. Our new game is almost in Alpha stage and we decided to tell about it a bit for you. And here, in the end, we have an irresistible invitation ... Are you ready? :D


Not all legends are just stories...

In a galaxy far away, some people lived in peace with all forms of existing life. Without wars, without conflicts, respecting nature and their alike. A greater force, a stone they gave the name of TEGRA, managed this people.

The TEGRA kept the universe in harmony and the guardians kept the TEGRA safe. They were three guardians called ZK8, ZT1 and Axys. ZK8 and ZT1 were very old guardians. However, Axys was still a young guardian in training.

Many creatures believed that the TEGRA was a legend, a story like those we tell children to behave well. However, the guardians knew the truth and swore to protect the stone with their lives.

The strong believe that it was all a legend kept the powerful stone safe...until now.

Besides the guardians, other also knew the truth... The TEGRA was coveted by beings who knew the greatness of it’s power, and that the one who possess the TEGRA would control the whole universe.

ZOD, a creature made of pure evil tried a long ago to steal the TEGRA to get even more power and control the universe. ZOD and his army managed to finally infiltrate and steal TEGRA, but the escape didn’t came out as expected. The guardians fought a battle that would have been lost, but in the last act of hope, ZK8 and ZT1 destroyed themselves by activating the security protocol. A sacrifice to separate TEGRA from ZOD.

After the explosion, Axys, ZOD and TEGRA got lost in space. Axys was hurled to another galaxy, where, alone, damaged and with memory lapse, would fight against time to recover TEGRA before ZOD found him.


TEGRA is a game of exploration and action/adventure, with many traps, obstacles and enemies. Axyz - the main character - travels between planets, collecting items, stars and tips, like the Trys, objects that allow you to travel between the universes to search for TEGRA.


Challenges: The galaxy gets bigger every level, emerging new traps and new enemies. The objective is to find the TEGRA, exploring each galaxy, searching for items and tips that appears on the way. However, in each level, ZOD the Emperor and his subjects approach, interfering, preparing new and more elaborate traps.

Armor: Jet Wings, Tail Alien, Iron Claws, Steamroller and Guardian.

Temporary Items: Double Points; Double Life; More Speed; More Shield; Greater GPS range and Collectibles.

Items: Regenerating Life; Shield Energy Projectiles; Collision insulation; Fold Speed and Freeze Time.

That is just a little of what to expect in TEGRA. How about you see with your own eyes and even participate in our progress? Fill out now our registration form below by informing some data about your device (PC and Mobile) and be a beta player! Your opinion is very important to us.

Nevertheless, stay tuned, in the next post we’ll talk more details about the gameplay, controls, items, challenges and scripting experience. ;)

Click here and join the Beta Tester group :)


I liked the story and images.
Which platforms are you developing?

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ContraLabs Author

Thank you very much!:D
We are developing for PC and mobile - initially.

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I love games of adventure/exploration, and the idea is very interesting.
However, temporary items will seem to be a free-to-play game.

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ContraLabs Author

Yeah, we love games exploration, especially when it's a good story.<3
Don't worry, temporary items is just to add more fun replay during matches.

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