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It's been 3 weeks since you last heard from us. That's a long time and just to show that this project isn't dead yet, comes this quick report on what we're up to.

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Ok, so we've been extremely busy with life and other commitments, also we've basically had to start from scratch because of the differences between the PSM and PC graphics libraries (OpenTK PC vs PSM). Since we do not want to rewrite the engine for OpenTK, we have been working on an OpenTK port for PSM which will not only benefit us, but a lot of the other developers out there.

So far, we have implemented an immediate mode rendering interface however we are working on the faster vertex buffer method too.

I would post some pictures but right now there isn't much worth showing, however that will change soon. I decided to finally take this project seriously and have taken a month's break from all my other commitments, just so that I can give my 100% towards this project. This sudden change is partially thanks to KoldGames' amazing progress on his project 'Shadows'

We've both been in touch ever since we started our projects however while KoldGames has been working extremely hard on Shadows and has made amazing progress, while we're quite behind them.

KamRandle - - 68 comments

Hey, thanks for the update! :) I'm always here to help if you need anything bro. Together, we will change PSM! Looking forward to seeing your next update! :)

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himanshugoel2797 Author
himanshugoel2797 - - 14 comments

I actually rewrote the entire engine (almost done), it is organized in a better way, I just have the physics and the deferred rendering pipeline to redo.

Lol yeah, We'll show the true power of PSM!!

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