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I have some in new work in progress I would like to add to Space Music 2.0.

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So far great reviews from friends and users and ideas and brain storming have been popping up and I would like to say what would be added on to Space Music 2.0.

1. The Space Ship IS GAY!
-Yeah I know it is, I wanted something like a guitar space ship, but I couldn't model it and just wanted to get that part done and over with, but after a year of practice of 3D Modeling I'm designing a new spaceship model that will be better looking then the old. So far it kinda looks like a sharks body with razes on the side of it, kinda like batman.

2. New Menu System
-Right now for my new game I created a menu that is done and thought it would be time to integrate it with the Space Music game. So you can pick modes. (Easy, Medium, Hard, & How Well) How Well mode will simply change dynamically the distance the ship is with the blocks making it harder and or easier depending how well your doing real time.

I also wanted to get a score system going so you can beat friends on a song and enter your name.

3. More POWER NOW!
Well, multi-threading is a great tool in games today and would greatly enhance the game. 1. More Particle Effects! (explosions, trails, star field, etc) 2. I could greatly get the pitch detector to run more smoothly.

4. More Life Like
The spaceship was supposed to rotate when it moved, but I forgot about it. So next generation I'll release it.

5. I Want To Shoot Things!
The next version if I get around to it will include new modes such as Regular, the one your playing now, Space Invaders (Shooter), but you can shoot the skulls if you want in Regular or another block if you don't want a block hitting your ship. You would gain ammo by picking up a ammo kit that would spawn randomly. Other modes are under the idea bin, so I can't say what else there will be.

6. When?
You mite be looking at around before 2009 Christmas, not on it or near it, but before then is all that I can say. With not much school next year I'm not sure how my work is going to be like with getting a job.

Thanks, Andrew.

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