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Greeting visitors or watchers of the mod page. In this news update I'll tell about what to expect in the upcoming Felix's Nightmare. It might be a bit spoil to u, so if you want it to be a total suprise. Don't read the description.

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What to expect: The game itself will be a longer journey as the previous one. Also I will make complete and fixed quests. I'm going to jump into 3D moddeling. That's mainly because there is coming a boss battle. The one against the dark lord. So gues what, yes a dark lord shall have to come in. I'm not completely new with moddeling. I've done some things. The most thing that concerns me is the importing into Amnesia. My coal on the dark lord himself is to let him look baddass and create him some non poorly animations. I won't spent to long on it cause this is just a mod and no original game. Also I'm considering to make some new enemies. The events that will take place, will be well put together and original. Also I'll put in some random events in as I also did in the previous felix nightmare. About the release date, I can't tell anything yet. In the first place I didn't want to make this one anymore. But after I told there would come a sequel to many people wanted it.

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