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A rough outline of what development should look like, ranging from the next patch to Beta to Full Release.

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As you may have guessed, I have massive plans for this mod's future. 200+ ships, Weapons, Power Cores, Alien Races, Even an entire remapping of the system map.

I'll go over how development should play out, and what to expect from future patches.


During the alpha stage of development, All of the base outfits and base ships will be implemented. This means that there should be modded replacements for most of the current outfits and a total of 24 ships across all price ranges.

Very soon, I will be adding Warp Cores. These will replace power cores and possibly hyperdrives at the same time. You should expect to see them implemented either in Alpha 0.0.4 or 0.0.5.

Next, I will add Deflector Dishes. These should replace Shield Generators, but they shouldn't be much different in terms of functionality. These should appear in Alpha 0.0.5 or earlier.

Power Storage Devices will be introduced, in the form of Power Cells. This should happen relatively soon after the introduction of deflector dishes.

As more advanced ships are introduced, More advanced weaponry will appear. Quantum Torpedoes, Higher-Class Phasers, Tetryon-Based Weapons, and Higher-Yield Photon Torpedoes will start to appear as more ships are implemented.

The list of the *Currently Planned* 24 ships to appear in Alpha is as follows in order of ascending price:

  • Saber-Class Light Escort
  • Oberth-Class Light Science Vessel
  • Miranda-Class Frigate/Light Cruiser
  • Constitution-Class Cruiser
  • Nova-Class Science Vessel
  • Destiny-Class Deep-Space Science Vessel
  • Saladin-Class Escort Frigate/Destroyer
  • Intrepid-Class Long-Range Science Vessel
  • Dervish-Class Patrol Escort
  • Defiant-Class Tactical Escort
  • NX-Class Cruiser/Heavy Escort
  • Cheyenne-Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Prometheus-Class Advanced Escort
  • Archer-Class Recon Science Vessel
  • Emissary-Class Star Cruiser
  • Nebula-Class Advanced Research Vessel
  • Celestial-Class Exploration Cruiser
  • Galaxy-Class Exploration Cruiser
  • Vesta-Class Multi-Mission Explorer
  • Interceptor-Class Destroyer
  • Sovereign-Class Assault Cruiser
  • Cantell-Class Carrier
  • Presidio-Class Battle Cruiser
  • Guardian-Class Dreadnought

Alpha is expected to last until version 0.0.7 or 0.0.8


There will be 3 phases of beta, each focusing on 3 different tasks, all of which need to be completed before final release.


The first stage of Beta will start to introduce the rest of the Federation ships, and we will start to see stock game outfits completely replaced by their modded counterparts. Smaller Ships will appear, such as replacements for the Shuttles and Fighters. Probes will be introduced. Alien Weaponry will be introduced for the first time: Disruptor Weapons, Plasma Torpedoes, Antiproton-Based Weapons, Transphasic Torpedoes, and Tachyon Lances.

By the end of the first stage of Beta, Most of the stock outfits and ships will have been completely replaced. There should be anywhere from 100 to 170 ships in the game at this point, all with unique load-outs. All stock weaponry will be gone, and all sound effects should be in place.


The second stage of Beta will focus on implementing the alien races. Klingons, Romulans, and Cardassians to begin with, with 5 or more ships each. As time passes, All major races should be implemented. Note that Minor races will be initially given planets, but not ships.

Here's a list of Alien Races to appear in Beta Phase 2:

  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Cardassian
  • Borg
  • Breen
  • Ferengi
  • Bajoran (Minor)
  • Andorian (Minor)
  • Betazoid (Minor)

The 2nd phase of beta will leave room for any more ships to be implemented, along with changes to the existing outifts and ships.


The third stage of beta will begin to re-map the galaxy with alien worlds and the four quadrants. Missions will be re-done in accordance. The story-line will be altered to fit, and the final touches will be made in preparation for the final release.

At this point, there will be very little left of Endless Sky other than the framework programming. All stock outfits will have been replaced or otherwise modified, All stock ships will have been replaced, and the game will look a whole lot different.


It will probably be at least a year or so until the mod hits Full Release. Perhaps Endless Sky will have died out by then, perhaps not. Either way it would have been a fun mod to create.

Full Release will feature everything mentioned above, plus some. Who knows what it may introduce? After Full release, all the work will go into bug fixes and new ideas, and perhaps creating a whole different mod.


Let me know your thoughts. If you would like to help the development process, please consider downloading the mod to test it out, then send me your feedback.

If you would like to become part of the development team, send me a message.

If you have an idea that you would like to be in the next patch, LET ME KNOW! I'm always open to ideas.


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