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Here I explain what is in the current build of Origins. Some things in this list are subject to change or be removed, as there will be more things added.

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As you know.. Origins is a FC (Full Conversion) So obviously it will be bigger than your average custom story. It's beta build: Build 07214 contains the following:
-working MFP lantern w/ sounds
-custom music including MFP music
-re-done enemy music
-MFP static objects including outside streets.
-Many MFP entities including lamps, furniture and items
-Redone UI sounds including stuff like drinking potions, journal sounds (open, close, add quest, complete quest), terror meter, item pickups, sanity pants (breathing on critical sanity), oil use, use of tinderbox.
-My brute voice pack from SN2
-My terror meter, I have an old version still here on Moddb (refer to SN2 for downloads). It didn't have a loop which was crap so I added a perfect loop.
-General sounds, such as footsteps, doors, all player noises (reactions, jumping, damage), and custom ones for little interactions throughout.


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