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This update will give you info about what happened with the release of the pre-alpha version of the game.

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So back in the beginning of September I said that we were ready to release the pre-alpha. We were confident that we are going to have everything ready by the end of the month. We had remade everything from scratch for one week. But as more things got made and implemented in the game we realized that we didn't have enough content to make you play the game for hours. So we decided to make more content but we also knew that it's going to delay the release. It was a decision we absolutely needed to make. Now we have almost everything done. One main thing remains - Vehicles. Currently vehicles are a pain in the butt. Also another thing we are currently working on is our gun script. Right now you can ONLY shoot! I'm trying to make an ammo system, but for now it's not our main priority. After the vehicles are done I may work on the ammo system.
After the vehicles are done and implemented I will be able to give a date for the pre-alpha.

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