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Emh, recently I am slightl... i mean... completely abandoning Saigo No Hoshi, of course soon or later I will relase complete version, but is not realy what I had in mind at first...

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Now you may be asking:

- But if you already relased beta version (even if it looks like an alpha) full of bugs and you only have to fix it and add secondary missions!

I have only one answer for this kind of questions:

- Saigo no hoshi deserves better...

I use MMF2, a 2D engine, and the "3D" that you see in Saigo No Hoshi is nothing more than flat "already rendered" images with "already rendered" backgrounds, It would never become a great game, I can't move the camera, I can't create a large-scale landscape, I can't create good cutscenes, is not realy the kind of game that people like... but don't worry, I plan, in future, to create an "HD" version (of course with a new engine, maybe Unity3d or any other 3D engine), with new models, new environments, and with a faster and more epic gameplay...
What I mean? Senso have tripled reflexes, and the fights with Desert should be a realy fast flurry of blows, rather than a slow, boring, turn-based battle...

So I hope someone will stay tuned because meanwhile I'm working on another game, that you will see soon :)

SidusBrist Author

I forgot, new version will be in english ;)

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