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As we promised a few days ago... Here you have a true explanation of what has been going here on Blaster Lizard.

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More than 8 months ago, Amnesia: Fear in Hands was scheduled for release on December 1st and we could not achieve this milestone, neither explain to you guys why we didn't. We're here now, six days after the supposed launch date, to give to you guys a feedback of what has been happening and why we could not release our Custom Story until now.

In the beggining of this year, we have talked about why we would not update this blog very much from now on. since the decision to port (basically remake a great part of the game) to the HPL 3 engine, we have dealed with a lot of trouble during the process, including problems with hardware and the port of the game itself. We haven't stop working on it. To be honest, we are working on it basically everyday.

The primary sketch for release was to launch the short-movie that we've been filming, then release the game some months after. After the release, we would update our brazilian fans with an official second version of the game fully localised in pt-br (both audio and subtitles). Well... What happened is that we could not finish the recordings of the movie (we're also still working on it) and we haven't finished the pt-br voice acting too (it's 70% done actually). The actual release plan is to launch it all together. No post-launch updates (except from bugs/glitches correction I believe)

Working on Fears has been a rough, but not less pleasant journey, and since we really want to make sure that the game WILL be released and it will be good, I think that stepping back on the decision of release the game this year is the best decision that our team can make. We have been preparing a new trailer, in updated hardware, for you all next year, showing you more of this amazing work that we're doing.

Yeah... It's a shot on the foot, we all know that. Amnesia has been for long an example in terms of horror games, and it has been recently left by players. This won't mean that we'll stop working on it. It has been a 3 year journey and we are optmist that this long novel, full of twists, will soon come to an end. We are secure that the experience that we're all working to bring to all of you will definitely worth at the very end.

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I'm not being sarcastic when I suggest you make a development diary post-launch.

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BlasterLizardCo Author
BlasterLizardCo - - 614 comments

We've been recording Making Of content and Vlogs to release together with the game.

And we will definitely write a post-mortem after launch.

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