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If Hot Tin Roof looks awesome to you, support us on Kickstarter / Greenlight. Every pledge matters, and every greenlight vote gets us closer to Steam!

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We're really hoping to finish this game and bring it to PC/Mac/Linux, but we can't do that without your help! Support us on Kickstarter, and help us make this game a reality!

... and if PC/Mac/Linux isn't your thing, and you're thinking "hey, this would be awesome on consoles!"? Well, that's definitely in the cards - it's all down to just whether or not we can afford it. If we can, we'd LOVE to bring this to Sony consoles, maybe the Wii U, etc. We've even got a friend working on whether it can be made to run on the likes of OUYA and GameStick (where it'll be a Premium title, mind - no currency buying nonsense, just straight up purchase / chapter unlocks)!

Kickstarter: Kickstarter.com
Greenlight: Steamcommunity.com

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