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We're listening to your feedback and adding new features to Hyphen.

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Hey everyone

Since releasing our Pre-Release demo of Hyphen we have had some great feedback, both from users on here and users on other various sites.

One of the main things getting fed back to us was that it is way too easy to die and death just felt "too cold". We went away and looked into how we could fix both of these elegantly. What we came up with is a "close call detection" system.

Basically the stick has a perimeter around it now, when anything is within that perimeter and you are at danger of being killed, the colour of the stick changes to indicate danger, the gamepad gently vibrates (if you are playing with a gamepad) and an audible alert is played. This allows you to act sooner and potentially avoid colliding with anything.

A video of the basics can be seen below, this is still in development so what you see here isn't final by any means:-

We think this addition will make Hyphen even more compelling to hardcore users and also allow casual gamers to get into it a little bit easier.

If you haven't yet played the demo, it can be downloaded from either Here or Our Website

Please keep the feedback coming!

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