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We've just announced our game and we'd like to say hi. And also to show you our trailer.

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Hey, so we've made the step forward and yeah, got working on DDS2! Actually, this happened some time ago, but now we can officially show you what we're cooking. Let's start with the trailer.

As you can see, the setting is completely new, more varied than the Ghetto from DDS1.

With the announcement of the game, we got tons of questions, and we've answered them in two rounds of FAQ on Steam. Here are two answers that we thing were the most important for the fans.

Does DDS2 mean you’re dropping DDS1?

Not dropping. Completing. We want Endgame to be the final update that ties up all the loose ends and adds much more stuff for you to play with. We’ve been supporting DDS and publishing free updates for 2 years. It’s time to move on, because we’ve reached the limit of what we can do with the DDS technical framework.

This being the last content update does not mean end of support though. We will still be there to fix issues and bugs as far as the game core allows us to. We are also including a lot of requested QoL changes with the Endgame patch.

So will DDS2 have all the stuff the fans have been wanting?

Surely not ALL, as there are a lot of dreams and ideas out there, but in the second installment we did our best to combine our own vision, and what is best in DDS1, with all the knowledge and ideas we took from the community. We want it to be a much better version of the original. In short we're adding everything that is reasonable and doable while maintaining our core vision.

There is a much larger world with more to do, better AI, way better and more complex cartel progress (from street level to boss) and much more engaging drug production/distribution system. The player has more control over his strategies, assortment and playstyle. We want it to fit the huge engagement and commitment of the game's community which we did not expect initially for DDS1. Also - there are a few really big and great features that we'll announce if we are fully certain we have control over. But more on that will come later.

Bottom line: We expanded DDS1 to the limits of the original technical core, added what made sense but a lot of it was just much better to save for a fresh, better designed from scratch game, made with larger experience and MUCH newer technology. Stay tuned for more info on what's to come.

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