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Post news RSS Well hello there, welcome to StarWars: Frontlines Arena!

This is an announcement to all, announcing the Frontlines Arena game, and what is in store for it and its future!

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Welcome to StarWars: Frontlines Arena, and its first and main official game page here on indie.db.

StarWars: Frontlines Arena is a comprehensive arcade/rpg game set in the vast galaxy of the starwars universe. It will feature the most game modes ever added in a single starwars game title, and will also be completely free to play.

So, a few q and a's...

Q: What kind of modes will be included in the first demo?

A: Most likely the base and core mode, blaster frenzy, a comprehensive wave based survival mode.

Q: What weapons will be available? Classes?

A: Nearly everything you can think of, featuring classes from sith masters, to jedis, and to bounty hunters or even trooper classes.

Q: Will this feature multiplayer?

A: Yes, quite likely, but way later down the line after release.

Q: Will this be Canon or legends? Or Both?

A: Both.

Q: What eras will it feature?

A: Literally every one in the starwars universe.

Lastly, you may ask any other questions here on the game page, or leave feedback once a demo is released even!

Oh yeah, and we have a discord by the way! I highly recommend anyone interested in this game joins it!


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