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The first update post, where I'll introduce the game, myself and releasing some info.

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Welcome to my game. I know it's not much to see. But here I will post updates of the game.

For now, I'll tell you what you can expect of this game.

A lot is still a work in progress, the son you see in the icon. The father.
And music that is added which I'll let you hear later.
I have NO BUDGET for this game at all. Which is not bad, you may sell games with Unity3D for free!
Ofcourse if I make more than $100.000 I can't release it until I have license.

You still haven't told me what to expect.
Yes, what you can expect for this game is multiple endings. Don't expect something like the endings of Fallout where they narrate, but I mean visual endings. I plan to have ATLEAST 15. If I get more ideas I'll inplement them.
You can also expect better graphics. Because the graphics you've seen now.. they're not that good. I'm working on making them better! You'll get screenshots of those aswell.
Also, I forgot to tell you that this is a PUZZLE game too.
Yeah, sounds boring. But it's going to be very different.

When will the game be released?
I have no idea. This game will take at least 2 years to create, if not longer.
This game will be playable on Windows, Mac and Linux. Maybe even web.

How much is this game going to cost?
That depends. I'm planning on running an Indiegogo campaign when I have exposed my game, so I can settle for Unity Pro. Get the game on Steam even! I plan on, when the Indiegogo campaign succeeds, to make the game cheaper than when it fails! I know I have to get lucky. But I'm an indie developer. Don't even have a name for a company yet.
But expect around $10 when the Indiegogo campagin fails. And cheaper (+ SALES!) when the Indiegogo campaign succeeds! Also, when it succeeds, the game will be finished earlier!

Who are you?
Yeah, I forgot to mention, I'm Stepper.. ofcourse that doesn't tell you too much. But my name is Antonio. Won't tell my surname just yet. My hobby has always been PC Gaming, and my dream was as kid to create my own games. 4 years ago I picked up programming in Flash. Copying and editing other peoples code. My dad got me a copy of Flash 8.0 for cheap.. I then found out about Game Maker. I was a little young and Flash was hard. I started making little mini games in Game Maker. 2 years later I picked up on C++ for 2 months. Then I found Unity, learned Java but I didn't like it. Now I'm learning C#. Which is also available in Unity 3D. It's going great so far! It's an incredibly strong language. Simple yet effective.
I have took no lessons, I learned of books and the internet.
But lets go back a little more, I mapped in Source. Mastered that almost fully, but never released a map. I toyed around in everything, never released anything. Then I used Unity again. Made little games, and now it's time to create a full game. An idea I had in my head for more than 2 years. And now it's finally coming true. I'm capable of making this.

Can you tell anything about the story?
Just as of now, no. You'll know more about the story when a playable demo is available.
But what I can tell you, it's about You, the father; Victor, and your kid, Felix.. and you're gone...

Sounds boring
Yes, I know. Sorry, I can't tell more without spoiling a little of the game. But in about 3 months you'll get a little demo you can play for half an hour. I already have a lot planned.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this game ofcourse'll come on Desura.

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