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Gold release! Weekly post regarding changes made this week!

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New additions

  • improved death animation and code
  • sound effects repurposed
  • wizard sprites recolored
  • hook balancing - increased speed and distance
  • menu screen music!
  • dash trail particles
  • background pixels upgraded
  • tutorial video updated
  • increase of visual juice

Players are now extremely slowed upon collecting crystals, making it very hard to escape to safety without a teammates' help. Dashes now scale with the held amount of crystals, interacting similarly as regular movement does. These two changes make it extremely hard for a player to escape the dangerous area around the pit, making camping the edges less likely to occur. Players who hold crystals now are incentivized to fight instead of run from enemies. The menu has been upgraded, featuring new music. Sound effects have been shuffled and mixed to blend in more harmoniously. Wizard team sprites now stand out from each other, with distinguishable yellows and greens. The dash particle effect has been reworked, and now displays properly as intended. The background has been upgraded with a new pixel palette, featuring accessory objects around the map.

Next week, we plan on gaining inspiration from organic sources, playtesting a bunch of games, and learning more about attending E3. Visual juice is a never ending pursuit.

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