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This massive article explain a few things in development.

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You know the drill.

Change in the release window for the Disc 1 Update

Let me start off with an update about the release of Disc 1 update. Unfortunately, due to obligations from the university and technical issues, I’m afraid I have to move the release date to Spring 2016 (unless otherwise). I understand your disappointment and anger (I am more so, since this is going to be a short game (planned max 6 hours) and takes longer to develop than I planned) but please understand that I have my own life and work, and since I am a one-man crew, it’s not easy for me to develop it. I apologize for this.

Next Preview Build is coming!

As the release draws near, I’ll be posting a new update to the mirrors soon (except the Steam Workshop version, due to limitations). Here’s what’s coming:

-The save manager’s import tool gets a new option where the user can select what slot the save will take should that file has an incorrect name. I t also has some adjustments to the UI.

-Added a new tool: The Backup and Restore Center. This allow the player to create copies of his/her saves on a diffrent folder. It’s more effective when combined with cloud storage services such as OneDrive.

-On the game’s engine, I will add mouse support. For now it is limited, but future builds will add up. In addition (in future builds) you may see some graphical changes (more on faces and a few batlers).

About Mac (and possibly Linux) support

This is something that I wanted to add, but due to limitations on the engine, is almost impossible. Although a new edition of the engine that I use (RPG Maker VX Ace) will be released in a few days (and that will allow export to Mac, Linux will have to use the HTML5 version), it’s going to be a hassle (hopefully a worthwhile for both you and me). Unfortunatelly, there are two issues: i) Since I live in Greece and there are capital controls in place, I cannot buy it without having funds to my PayPal account (which is currently, the only way to buy it). ii) This will need a complete re-write in order to port it as it uses diffrent language (and the current versions use a lot of custom scripts). In my opinion, it’s worthwhile, as the new edition brings new features (mouse and touchscreen support, support for resolutions higher than 640x480 and more) and it’s more robust. Note that the port to the new engine will happen some day, after finishing the game with the current engine version. Launcher is not affected for now.

UI Adjustments:

I did some tweaking on the battle UI. First up: Introduced a new “Low HP” warning. If any member’s hp is 25% or below, the character’s name will turn orange. If the hp is 15% or below (where the critical point gets triggered), it will turn red. I’m also adjusting the fonts there. Finally, I’m adding a bit of color coding some things (Names, locations, etc).


The launcher has certainly got features that you may find really useful, such as the Auto-Backup feature and quick load. However, when you just want to go straight to the game, skipping the launcher, some of these cannot work. I am actively working on a bootstrap program that enables these features without launching the launcher. This is difficult to implement, but it will be worth the trouble.

Installer fixes:

The installer was designed to make setting up the game and the launcher to work well, but it does have some issues. One of these (and propably the most urgent) was the font registration. The short version: when you install the game, the installer adds the fonts (as a shortcut for some reason. Don’t look at me, Flexera Software decided to set it like that.) to Windows’ font folder. You may be asking: Why is it an urgent bug? Because if you atempt to uninstall the game, it will throw you a warning that your OS will be modified. Calm down, I did not include any fonts that are on your system from installing Windows (which could result into having text in italic). However, if a program does uses Roboto or Roboto Condensed fonts, you will see broken text. It took me a while to fix it up and an update will be released soon to fix it. You can grab the fonts here: Google.com . I am sorry about this, but I could not fix it until now, due to how the engine handles font files.

That is all for now. See you in the next post.

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