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These are the latest news for our project. We have decided on a roadmap to release a basic prototype of the game this year. Furthermore there are some screenshots of our first environment.

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Logo Concept

These are the latest news for our project:

Storyline - Races
Technetium finished a few basic outlines for the races featured in the game. These outlines do not contain any spoilers so feel free to read them and give us your feedback.

Dark Elves: Once members of the proud Elven race, the Dark Elves have been corrupted by Lacrymosa, a phosphorescent mineral which greatly amplifies the magical capabilities of its user. Due to the dangerous and unpredictable effects of Lacrymosa, its use was banned in the Elven Empire. This caused a rift in the Elven society between those who supported the ban and those who believed Lacrymosa was a gift from Tzerreth, one of the Six, and that it should be used to make the Elves into a race of unparalleled power. Ultimately, those who supported Lacrymosa use seceded from the Empire and forged their own city deep within the enshrouded bowels of the world so that they may be closer to their precious mineral. It is from this subterranean refuge that the enigmatic Dark Elves strike out at the other races, murdering the weak and taking the strong as slaves to work as miners within their labyrinthine tunnels.

Dwarves: Deep beneath the soil live the Dwarves, a peaceful race that finds comfort and safety in the solitude of their underground realm. A stalwart and loyal race, the Dwarves are fierce allies to both the Humans and the Elves. Human and Dwarven societies are closely connected both economically and culturally, as the two races share a common ancestor. Dwarven scientists are among the most advanced in the world, especially their engineers and alchemists, who play important roles within their society. Although their stone fortresses are said to be impregnable, in recent times the Dwarves have become troubled by the looming threat of the Dark Elves, who savagely attack their settlements and take the survivors as slaves.

Elves: The oldest of the five races, the Elves have existed since the world's creation eons ago. The Elves believe themselves to be the original creations of the Six, their gods who embody the six elements of Light, Air, Fire, Water, Dust, and Darkness. At the top of Elven society are the six noble houses, each of which claim to be the descendents of one of the Six. These houses are ruled by an individual leader who is chosen by members of the house itself once their leader dies. Only these six nobles are allowed into the sacred garden, where the Six were believed to have convened during their creation of the world. This garden literally is at the epicenter of Elven society, as their immense, solitary capital city was constructed around it. Because of its importance, the Elves do not believe in the long term settlements of other regions of the world. After the fracture in the Elven Empire over the use of Lacrymosa, the Elves have become much less dominant over the other races, allowing the other races to become equals with the Elves both economically and militarily.

(Humans and Orcs will follow by next week)

First environment - Abandoned mineshaft
As promised here are some screenshots from our first playable environment.

WIP Mineshaft
WIP Mineshaft

We have also uploaded the environment sound demonstration produced by Ben. If you have the time feel free to listen to it.

WIP Mineshaft - Indie DB

We decided on a new roadmap that includes releasing an early prototype of the game within the next months. This prototype will contain the essential features our project is aiming for such as authentic co-op combat in multiplayer.

Dracowyr is focusing on a screenshot concept to demonstrate our plans for the first release. Furthermore Ben is working on additional environment sound samples. I (Neovertex) will try to get back into character modelling so we can show our first in-game character within the next weeks.

We are currently looking for advanced users of the UDK as well as modellers and texture artists. If you got the skills and like the concept of this game just send us a PM and we will get back to you.

That is all for this week. Again if you have any questions about the project just let us know. We appreciate feedback an ideas submitted by the community.

Have a nice day
The Liquidbox Team


sounds promising.

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