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Improved visual effects + a new enemy elites (deathworms) !!

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I spent most of the week making a new enemy (deathworms) :

An elite rare enemy with a good amount of HP and strong attacks!!
Can breath fire ball , do melee attacks and dig under the ground!
you know one of them is near if you can see the earth cracking and shaking.
"Wind" and" frost" elements are useless against it !!
You can use "earth" to force it get up to the surface.
Below you can see the deathworm in action :

Visual updates :
1 - Created a flash effect when taking hits ( for the player and enemies)
2 - 2 New attack particle effects
3 - Added red health orbs generated from dead enemies (as seen in the GIF)

Hope you guys like the progress :)
See you in the next week !!

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