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ACE Team has just released the Gallery which features Zeno Clash's first Webcomic. This comic shows when Rimat and the Hunter meet for the first time. Four page comic with art by Guillermo Angel.

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The Independent Games Festival results are out, and we're sad sad.gif to announce that we couldn't take the 'Excellence in Visual Art' award home, but still it was an honor to be nominated and to be able to compete with some other fantastic indie games.

Even though we didn't win, we'd still like to celebrate the IGF event with the fans by releasing a beautiful Webcomic that sheds a little background on some of the events that take place in Zeno Clash's story. Hope everyone enjoys it. Check out the new Gallery to find the goodies! smile.gif

sauerfreak - - 243 comments

Ooooh! Me likes. :D Keep making these, they provide a much appreciated backstory. ;)

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PytoX - - 742 comments

Cool drawings :) Why it takes so long to get on steam :P I'm awaiting release.

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Zunami - - 45 comments

Me too. I've also bought it. ^^

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q0rra - - 127 comments

I was running around at home when i saw your 50% off deal and knew that i couldn't buy it 'cause Steam doesn't like my creditcard :/

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FJS - - 839 comments

Awsome comic, really.

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burninwater - - 30 comments


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Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Very well done comic! Sets up the story nicely!

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Squeebo - - 388 comments

Great comic.

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SAHChandler - - 119 comments

Man. You guys jypped.
Clearly there is something wrong with those who were judging the contest. >:(

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mikejkelley - - 874 comments

kewl comic.

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formerlyknownasMrCP - - 892 comments

You guys were robbed seriously. Seems like the Indies are turning into real elitists now. I wasn't very happy with a lot of the winners, though I'm glad to see that not all the winners where like that, you know "Art House" games that are next to void of gameplay.

Best of luck with the future guys, I already pre-ordered your game and I hope you guys continue developing games, don't take this as a sign you weren't good enough-- you guys are! Keep doing what you're doing because its good work.

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sutsko - - 293 comments


The world is retarded...

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