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Check out some of the new weapons and defenses in our 2D artillery and RTS mashup!

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We're hoping to ship the game with 12+ different weapons and defenses to choose from in Cannon Brawl. Some games would count "small cannon", "large cannon", "extra large cannon" as 3 different weapons, but I don't! I call those 3 upgrades of the same weapon. So when I say different, I mean really different.

A video would help explain better, and hey, here's one right here! Check out just a few of the weapons and defenses we're playing with:

0:05 - So first up we've got the Cannon Tower, it shoots a little missile, has 3 levels of ugprade, your standard enemy pounder. You can play with this one right now by trying our free alpha.

0:17 - Next you see the Shield Tower, it can protect against cannon shots depending on how many rings it has, it can also reflect laser beams (more on that later). Again, this one is also in our alpha.

0:28 - Then we get to a pretty crazy building, the Bank! Banks make money automatically and can be built anywhere. Boring right? Wrong! They can also perform hostile takeovers of enemy buildings. You can enter a bank and choose an enemy building to 'buy out'. After 3 buyouts, the enemy building becomes yours! You can even buy out the enemy HQ to win if you can build up enough money.

0:33 - Now lets talk Laser Tower. It's generally a bit more powerful and expensive than the Cannon, shoots in a straight line and reflects off enemy shields, which either player can sometimes use to their advantage. Imagine an enemy fires a laser at you and your reflect it right back at him!

And we've got a lot more in store. To see the Cannon and Shield and a few others in action, check out a free alpha.

Don't forget to check us out on greenlight and look forward to playing with all the rest of the buildings in the final game!

ShrikeGFX - - 331 comments

That looks surprisingly cool

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zerglingno7 - - 10 comments

look cool

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ArKanGelMaRk5 - - 103 comments

How about a EMP type tower where it disables any buildings.

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petey123567 Author
petey123567 - - 45 comments

Sounds like you may enjoy the Frost Tower!

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