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We may ask one of our followers or anyone with an epic voice. to do some voice acting.

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If you know, or are a person with an epic voice. please send me a message with an example and we may message you back with a role.

other news:

Saving & Loading has been perfected, although saving and loading does take some time before it actually loads and saves.

New Models, and elevator fixes.

The Elevator room has a new model, as well as full elevator animations (which you cannot see because you are in the elevator... but it pretty much just drops to the elevator floor.)

all Scps have a new room.

New Title Screen From the playable... mess on the website.

Room management now deals with a textbox instead of presets.

IE: (*inputs 122 rooms, 122 rooms generate*)

Although i said "Saving and loading is perfected" im pretty sure the guns may either reset ammo or not save at all, luckily guns can be found everywhere...

HexaSheller Launcher has been added to the game
(A Hexasheller is like a missile launcher, but it shoots Explosive anti tank rounds)

FlashBangs added to the game (confuses so if he gets to close you and him will be blind and he will wander the halls around you)

173 is now released insted of caged, he now wanders around looking for prey.

The shadow spiders have been re-added to the game.

plague Doctor has a voice code, but needs voice actors to fill his mouth.

The intro has voice code, but also needs voice actors.

NPC shop code has been Added, but will remain Unactive till 0.0.8 Update (GUI UPDATE)

GUI update will come faster then 0.0.7, 0.0.7 is a graphical and Shader update which makes the game look alot better, which is why its taking so darn long.

thanks for reading, everything above has been added.

TO BE ADDED in 0.0.7

The clockWorks (maybe... its code is annoying to code)
Voice actors
The Foundation office room
HexaSheller explosion Animations
Walking noises
keycard doors and keycard readers

more news coming soon.

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