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We want you in da team! And we also have a demo! A cool demo... a think... yay... i hate this ¬¬

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We are in need of help, we need texture artists, modelers and animators, if anyone interested, please contact us at: codenamedarkproject@outlook.com
PS: We released a demo of the Institute a few weeks ago! Download at: Crydev.net

Yeah babe!

daniel.k.brown1988 - - 57 comments

Hey could I bring anything to this project if I have some unusual real life guns? I can take pictures of them to give the game that n64 ps1 era copy pasting onto models feel to the game kind of like when they used a form of this technique for the faces on Goldeneye and they intended to do the same with in game textures kind of like what they did with Perfect Dark N64 later on... also I'll offer some other ideas if you like that one!

EDIT- I just realized I'm commenting on a dino-post sorry. but still I'm interested...

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