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Here is an explanation on our updating of the billing system and how to implement it

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tmanTMAN: Attention WWII Online subscribers and supporters: We are pleased to announce that we will be transitioning our back office billing to a new and modern billing system called, "Braintree." This system will provide everyone with modern functionality and many more payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to credit cards and PayPal. This is a necessary change that will put our developers focus back onto Game Development as it will offload the need for CRS to maintain its own billing system. Please continue reading as there are important details on how to renew your subscription through our existing PayPal gateway.

In order to get rid of the old and make room for the new system, we will be without our legacy system for a short periodas we finalize the implementation.This means that when your sub expires in the interim,the only way you can renew your sub will be through our current implementation of PayPal.

You will still go to our billing page (www.wwiionline.com/account)to renew your subscription but the only payment option in the interimwill be a payment though the PayPal link.


It's important to note that in PayPal you can pay using a credit card or using your PayPalaccount.

Again, this is temporary and a one time thing. We're hoping that by the time your nextre-sub date comes, we will be integrated in our new billing system. At that point you will set up your payment preferences once in the new system andthings will go back to being easy and routine.


Use this link for detailed explanation on how to pay through PayPal from our billing portal Playnet.zendesk.com

We are standing by to assist anyone who has trouble renewing their subscriptions - Submit a support ticket if you do and we will assist you and get you back in the game as soon as possible.

We want to thank you all for your patience during this transition. It's all in the name of progress!

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