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The game is back and breathing from its long break. Up to bring you great updates and news of what is to come. We also ask for some team members!

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Hey guys, Its me Charles. God where can we start. Well to start off I have started working on the game again. I stopped awhile ago to do some school work and such. I have gone a little offtrack. I got all my work done this winter and decided it was time to get working on this project again. I am now remodeling and fixing up.

  • Trees
  • Maps
  • Characters
  • Code
  • Models

I hope to get those things done quite soon. I also have some sad news to report. One of the guys who I let to come join us into the team, he stopped interest in this project. He decided to take his own road and do his own things. I accept the fact he did this.
Now the whole point of me saying that is, I now need new team members.

  • We are looking for
  • Modelers - 2
  • Sound Artist - 1
  • Graphics Artist -1

Now you ask why I need new members? Well its a one man job here and I honestly do not think I will be able to do this by myself anymore. It would be too much work on me to continue this project.


  • Skype
  • Mic
  • 14+
  • Mature

If you would like to apply I would like you to send an application to my email or twitter

Email - Charlesrissmiller@gmail.com
Twitter - @MagicBoxGaming

Here is the thing. If you would like to send an application to my email, I would like you to be very descriptive about.

  • Hobbies
  • People Skills
  • What you do best

If you would like to do it in twitter, that is another story. I want you to give a very detailed app about. Note you have a higher change applying on twitter

  • How you would contribute
  • Why should I accept you
  • Age
  • Hobbies

    Now here is what is gonna happen. I am gonna let YOU the people decide or debate whether or not the people that apply over twitter should be accepted. The emails will be kept private.

    The reason I am letting people debate on you, is not going to be disclosed. Its a secret. Hopefully some of you will apply hopefully some will not.

    Well that is all I got in this update. I will be releasing pictures of current development progress soon enough.

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