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WaveEngine Sea Lion has been released with MacOS support.

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The last three years have been thrilling for us. One of the major improvements we had in mind was to add Mac OS X to the list of supported platforms. The adoption of iOS (both iPhone and iPad) highlights a reality on the development side: most of the teams working on projects for those platforms make use of a Mac as their development station. We were aware of this, and didn’t want to lose the chance to provide an even better experience when working with Wave on those machines.

Wave Engine is available now on the following platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), Android (both phone and tablet), Windows Phone, Windows 8 (Windows Style UI), Windows desktop, OUYA and, finally, Mac OS X. We have created a beautiful experience on installing the framework, bundling the engine on an easy-to-use DMG file, which also provides templates for Xamarin Studio. Also, the Assets Exporter and Project Converter tools have been enabled for Mac consumption. You can also download the Sample Browser, where you will find more than 80 projects, all of them with source code!
One of our goals has been to improve the overall performance, on every platform, achieving an increase of 20%. Plenty of bugs have been fixed for this release too. Some of these thanks to our users support, which have reported them through our forums, or the answers hub. Community projects such like Santa Jump 3D (available for free now on iOS, Android and OUYA) and Star Junk, developed entirely with Wave Engine for Windows desktop, have showed us you users are able to push the engine to limits which even we did not imagine.

We wanted to thank all of you for the help during all these three years. There is no better motivation than seeing your baby is being treated well out there. It is really appreciated. Thank you so much!
Finally, we would just like you to go to the Download section, and enjoy all of this by yourself. We put a lot of love on it. Thank you.

-The Wave Engine Team

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