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Post news RSS Watch as Michael rampages as he treks through space in Rage Runner.

In this latest video, watch as Micheal tests out Rage Runner, on a episode of Rage Quits.

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Rage Runners Road to Rage Quit

When we first created Rage Runner, we really thought it would be a perfect fit for the Rage Quit show. So one year ago when we first released Rage Runner I submitted our game to the Achievement hunter team. Unfortunately the game didn't make the cut at the time. But as we fast forward to today, with a major graphical update recently, as well as some major performance tweaks, Rage Runner has finally made the cut for a episode on Rage Quit. If you need a good laugh today check it out as Micheal tries Rage Runner for the first time.

Will Micheal Rage Quit(Warning viewer discretion advised)?

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