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The Battleaxe operation was a battle between the Allies and the Axe in June 1941. The Allies’ objective was to put the Axe’s army out of the Cyrenaica to break the siege on Tobrouk harbor. The operation was nevertheless a failure as the Allies’ initial assault clashed against the strong defenses of their opponents.

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The Battleaxe operation
on Wars of Hisory is represented by a very balanced map.

Each side has the same material resources and the objectives are evenly split across the map.

The equipment for each camp includes:

-1 heavy tank (ex : Tiger)

-3 medium tanks (such as a Sherman)

-2 IFVs (1 with a machinegun, the other with a FLAK-type DCA cannon)

-1 lightweight transport vehicle (like a Jeep)

-1 fighter (A Spitfire, for example)

-2 light bombers (ex : STUKA)

-2 fixed DCA cannons (88 mm)

The main bases aren’t accessible by the enemy (they are out of the combat zone)

The battlefield offers 6 objectives and each one has a radio tower to allow the spawn of equipment (such as an infirmary, an ammo stack or machineguns) and soldiers.

The nearest camps from the two main bases also contain Sherman-type tanks, which can be stolen by the enemy.

The battle takes place in a desert-like environment, which only leaves a few rocks to use as covers; fortunately there are sandbags around the bunkers and the objectives.

We however need your advice on one point, should we leave the planes on the ground for players to take off with of should the players spawning in airplanes be directly in flight?

We will show you webplayers every so often during game development so that you can test and directly give us feedback, the first webplayer will be out soon.

Opération Battleaxe review 1

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